Firstly, I have checked the other two forums about Immunisation and they don't quite cover what I'm gonna ask.

I'm currently trying to obtain my immunisation history from the doctors, who not only ripped me off and refused to let me have any records until I'd paid £20, they messed up the records stating I'd had an injection I hadn't. After sorting all that out, my records state that I've only had 2 HPV jabs, whereas I know I've had 3 as I was in the first year where they started giving all females the HPV jab at school (2008), and we all received the old 3 dose vaccination. The doctors are refusing to help and saying there is nothing they can do to help me find the record of the third HPV jab I had, even though they have the records of the other 2. I have changed doctors (due to changing area) since then, but the current doctors are saying my old doctors won't have it recorded either. They've apparently also 'checked' my paper records and are saying its not in there.

Does anyone have any idea how I can find the record of the HPV jab as I enter Raleigh in 6 weeks, as the internet isn't helping either.



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I wouldn't worry too much.

Generally speaking you'll get boosters, whichever needed, in any case. Certainly when I joined with no vaccination history, let alone an accurate one, I just got the full hit and didn't suffer unduly.
Since starting basic training in Feb I have had every jab under the sun so one extra jab isn't going to make a difference provided there would be no adverse effects. Which I'm sure is highly unlikely.

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