Immigration Policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Having just spent some time with my son at reading hospital where he was kept in overnight for a rugby injury, it became obvious that without immigrant workers the hospital would have been unable to function.

    We need some immigrants but what can be done to sort the workers out from the benefit seekers?

    A fast track system is needed to recruit foreign workers for positions where they are most needed. However do we really need all the foreign cleaning staff when we are paying able bodied British residents to sit on their ars£s claiming benefits.

    I believe that most immigrants wish to work pay tax and live life peacefully. How can we teach these ethics to the indigenous population?

    My opinion is that though some immigrants are abusing the system the majority of abusers are home grown
  2. Its because able bodied British residents get paid more on the dole than the immigrant workers.Just ask any building contractor and he'll tell you all about the poles taking jobs as they will accept far lower wages than their British counterparts.
  3. Exactly Andy. I will vote for any party which will promise to resolve this situation.
    The Poles are working for minimum wage, the Chavs refuse to.
    So do with increase the minimum wage?
    Or do we decrease the benefits?
    Something has to happen.

    Less than 4 years to my government pension, perhaps then I will see some reward for everything I've paid into the pot
  4. the companies employing foreigners of dubious origin really took off with the contracting out of services promoted - enforced even - under the Tories of the Thatcher period. We have only ourselves to blame.
  5. We close the doors.Then overhaul the benefit system so that claimants will HAVE to accept a job after a set period or the benefit stops.
  6. Great idea but how are you going to convince the do gooders?
  7. Send them away with the Illegals,problem solved!
  8. This is an answer but realistically just about impossible to apply without a lot of drama. The problem is not exclusive to UK as a people in deprived areas throughout the world look for the pot of gold etc. Big business, with the strong support of governments, are pushing for this endless supply of cheap labour and it is probably now beyond the point of no return.

    Loyalty and patriotism are no longer a feature in the British way of life it seems, this applies elsewhere too. Without this former binding quality, common way of life, culture, beliefs etc etc I believe the system begins to fall apart. For example, in Oz, multi-culturalism is becoming non PC as the morons, read government, realise this concept creates diversity rather than harmony, as each culture strives to dominate the other.

    Take our M****m friends with their powerful beliefs and culture and you have conflict. It goes on and I personally believe it will end in bloodshed although I hope I'm wrong. That's my two bobs worth and simply a viewpoint not an argument. I do not want to start conflict in the forum as this is a major part of the problem, in-fighting.End of rant,

  9. There are some people on benefits you really really don't want to employ.

  10. We don't have any control over immigration from within the EU (excepting the new members), so the choice is pretty easy, really.

    Social security takes up 40% of the government budget. Cut in in half and give it to the armed forces.

    But seriously, until we re-establish exit checks so that we know who's coming in and who's going out, we don't have an immigration policy. You can come in on a tourist visa and stay for twenty years, and the government won't even know. ID cards won't do squat, since you don't need an ID card if you come in as a short-term visitor. All this talk about imposing controls on the new EU member states is the same, since they can enter as visitors and then just stay and work.
  11. Perhaps in these cases tjey should be employed by the government on projects requiring few skills. Road seeping. litter picking, graffiti removal etc.
    Work or go onto reduced benefits

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