immigrants...some not worthy of good treatment.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  2. things like this really "grips my shi1t!"
  3. Treated worse than second class citizens,Ghurkas spring to mind as well.
  4. Why do we even bother? If they left the country voluntarily (skipped over to France for the day), came back in and claimed hardship/asylum, they'd be well taken care of on the taxpayer..

    Instead, they put their lives at risk for this country and they're treated like [email protected]

  5. Really annoys me, good enough to serve, good enough to get injured, good enough to put their life on the line, not good enough to stay.

    I wonder though how the Daily Mail will report it?
    Immigrants getting kicked out, good. Injured squaddie being deported, not good. Would make for an interesting editorial meeting.

  6. Only good if you are an EU member or A8 National
    Lithuanian/czech/Romanian/Polish get everything,
    Commonwealth serving sevice man Zilch Sweet FA

    Though what can we do about it, the Guberment needs
    a serious kick up the ass wake up call
    It is no use voting them out, as the next lot of [email protected] will
    just continue on

    I am truly sick at the moment, as a civil servant
    I take the full £2k life savings off a British eighty-yearold at
    10:00 and at 10:05 give £18k to a Lithuanian immigrant
    who arrived here six weeks ago

    I am NOT racist just totally pished off at this Goberments
    legistation, WHERE are we going Where are OUR priorities

    Be British all your life pay full taxes and save a little for a
    rainy day you get nothing and some taken away

    Arrive on the next banana boat, here is £18k SIR I can not
    call you thieving scum or I will lose my job and you will get
    an additional £10k compensation for hurt offences

    Jack McHammocklashing
  7. Do you not have to be a British citizen to serve in the armed forces then?
  8. I'm a kiwi..

    I believe that Commonwealth citizens are allowed to serve too, hence the number of Fijians and Samoans you find in the Army
  9. No,just be prepared to die thats all.
  10. Completely out of order !
    (to say the least)
  11. Stuff like this really gets on my tits. Any fucker can sneak his way into the UK and claim asylum and be set for life having made no contribution whatsoever. Yet somebody can serve this country in the forces, get injured & then be treated like shit for their trouble. Same sort of thing with the Ghurkas and their pensions fiasco. Somebody needs a public flogging for this. :rambo:
  12. You are all spot on guys, I have had the pleasure of haveing several young commonwealth nationals serve with me in the past 5 years or so, they are treated in the QRRN's like second class citizens, DISGUSTING!
    One young Samoan who worked for me at Dryad could only get a warrant home for xmas once every 3 years. I sat and worked it out, Jack going home weekenders to Glasgow would put in a CTM and get £130 12 times a year, thats over 1500 quid, which worked out to be 300 quid more than a business return flight to samoa, go figure that one out

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