Immigrants have taken four in ten homes since 1997

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Very defensive there old chap.

    Perhaps realising that reguirgitating this tripe rather than asking some probing questions about the topic isn't particularly intellectually stimulating?
  2. This is only tripe if you happen to be living a comfortable life. For those UK citizens who have waited years to be housed or re housed this is certainly not tripe. This putting immigrants before citizens is why the National Front has had large increases in votes in recent years. Government actions like this do nothing to encourage good relations between the indigenous population and the immigrants.
  3. Many many moons ago when I was far from home contracting I rented a bedsitter flat from a Greek scumbag the only place available at the time on very short notice.

    Going to the heads which was shared and having to wipe shite of the seat was just one little thing. Then we have the knob next door coughing all night long turns out he set his bed on fire smoking. I often think there are those who are actually living there forever with no sign of getting a real home where the landlord/lady turns the heating on in your room in winter for a hour a day while they have it on constant. I was not there long I can tell thee . Then the tawt wanted the spare key I had bought. This was ceremoniously deposited in the grid in the road.

    Got the t shirt!!!
  4. Granted I've only skim read it (I HATE the Daily Wail), but it doesn't say that the 4 in 10 houses are council houses. If someone comes the the UK, contributes to society and has the wherewithall to buy a house (or rent or whatever), then let them. An honest days wage from an honest days work applies to all. Yes the market is expensive at present, but I see no problem.
  5. Until such times as you post a link to a balanced discussion of the topic, then it's tripe. for example, some very simple questions I'd be asking myself; what do they mean by immigrants? How, and why, did they enter the country? What skillsets do they bring and how are those being exploited?

    NF and it's derivatives do appear to have made some headway in certain areas, and that might be worthy of discussion. I do note that at the last local government elections they also lost quite a number of seats. One wonders why that might be.

    Information Operations is an interesting discipline, and when one considers the influence of media segmentaiton on how the electorate approach issues the topic becomes an interesting debate.

    Mind you, I'd be asking myself what actions are really taking place, where the decisions are being made, if any, and what the agenda is of the media element I'm seeing the reporting from.
  6. Granted I've only skim read it (I HATE the Daily Wail), but it doesn't say that the 4 in 10 houses are council houses. If someone comes the the UK, contributes to society and has the wherewithall to buy a house (or rent or whatever), then let them. An honest days wage from an honest days work applies to all. Yes the market is expensive at present, but I see no problem.
  7. The issue appears to be the difference between different sets of figures, around the growth in housing stock.

    One set claims that 40% of the increase is as a result of inward migration, another set seems to indicate only 33%.

    so the tories are quibbling over a seven percent difference.

    It'd be laughable if the bickering wasn't so influential.
  8. I still can't see were the problem is. Housing stock is increasing because the size and shape of the work force is changing. So what? That's what happens in a thriving economy.
  9. tbh neither can I, it's just standard DM whining as far as I can work out.
  10. Slim

    WALOB. Very few if any councils are building public housing. So these poor immigrants who are sponging off the state, came with little money and are being paid low wages are going to be able to afford any one of the 600,000 houses/flats for sale on the open market. I do not think so. No like all immigrants and UK chaves they will live in half way houses, and on scabby council estates until they or the next generation get money together to move on as people have done since at least the 16th Century in the UK.

    You could of course help out a poor Brit by selling your house at half the estate agents estimated value, but then why should you not also make a profit on the back of the homeless.

    That article is about as close to lies as the Daily Wail has come to for some time.

    Sad of Tumwells Bridge

  11. Nutty
    I don't think that the mail has told any lies. However on reading the article more closely they are being rather economical with the truth.
    I do believe that 40% of housing sold has been sold to immigrants. However the majority of immigrants buying houses are working to pay for them. The immigrant population generally buy in lower priced areas (often with a view of moving up market in the future) Also if you watch any of the house for auction programs on daytime television you will notice a great many foreign faces amongst the bidders. Many foreigners are extremely successful property developers. I have no problems whatsoever with the above and wish them all the best with their purchases.
    My beef is with the allocation of social housing. We must give preference to those born here (no matter what race) over incomers.
    Lets face it nutty, if you had arrived in Spain with a floozy and six kids would the Spanish have housed, fed and clothed you?

    Try this one Slim reading only one source to make an observation is boardering on the bone idle. Get you head out of the Daily Wail and research your information. As a percentage of the votes cast in the last local and national elections for the Nation front is? Get off your arse and do the research. A sticky bun if you get the % correct, or KEEP YOUR Assinine comments to your self
  13. Would love to read it but the page no longer exists
    However I did not quote any percentages for national front votes merely stated that government actions helped their numbers
  14. TO What extent Slim to what extent. 0.0002% of the votes cast that how many. the Square root of sweet FA. Totally insignificant!!!!
    Thats the last bit of research I do for you, you are too lazy no bun
  15. That's for the whole of the UK I suppose. however supporters of the National Front tend to be in specific areas. That tiny number could be significant in some places. Don't forget statistics is a dangerous subject, they can be used to manipulate all kinds of information. How do you think that the mail survives?
  16. The Daily Wail comments on the 14 criminals that escaped from the detention centre while awaiting deportation

    Dunno why they fled, at least they had a bed and food or was it a case of if they go back to their country of origin they wont get free food/accomodation and indeed a lot harsher punishment for their crimes ?

    West Midlands Councils face pressure on Housing Stocks

    Now where is that fire and my bucket of petrol to fan those flames !!!!
  17. How do you think that the mail survives?

    By people like you hanging on its very word! And spreading their bilge to all and sundry, the only thing in the rag ( I must admit not only the Wail) which can be taken as true is the date and the price!!!!!!!
  18. Ah but people like ME dont read the Mail so there. I look at numerous news sources during the day and they all tend to cover the same stories to different degrees - just depends whether your a follower of the Red, Blue, Yellow, Green or SNP as to which versions you believe

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