Immigrant Benefits Camoron pledges action

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. David Cameron pledges to overhaul benefits system for immigrants - Telegraph
    How long have they known about benefit tourism and only now decide to take action. They have these things Sussed abroad, when we were visiting the Netherlands the wife dropped 6 tablets behind a radiator. It cost £20 for a prescription for 6 tablets from the Dutch GP's receptionist and a further £20 for the six tablets. No money ,no tables. This is despite having the EC Health Card.
    there should be a standard tarrif for foreigners using the NHS and receptionists should be trained in screwing the Dagos and Frogs etc

  2. I thought thats what we had a Navy for. :sex:
  3. Here's where you went wrong.
    You should have got an illegal immigrant in (Hollands got stacks of them) he would have removed the rad recovered the pills and you would have had change from a fiver.
    Simple my dear trelawney.
  4. 50,000 a year good grief how many more can get on the island before it sinks
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  5. LOL Make it hard to access benefits, but won't stop them coming in. Tossers!
  6. My God Guzzler, do you really believe that dross about they don't know what benifits they are entitled to ?
    I am neither racist or bigot but this small Isle of ours cannot cope with another huge influx of foreigners.
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  7. Fair one and you are correct, the two are different issues, but some of the general terminology and the obvious clichéd blind bigotry of the two posts prior to mine indicated that many people do have trouble telling the difference.

    Not sure I agree with your second point though, people's opinions rarely cover middle ground whatever the topic.

    Edit: Oh and you shouldn't say '*******' on here. I get told off for it :)
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  8. I think the link is a far more reliable source of information than the Daily Telegraph, so yes, I do. Again, emotive terminology such as 'small Isle' and 'another huge influx of foreigners' don't really do much to support an argument, they just look silly.
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  9. Bollox will he! More like he will make it easier for the foreign spongers to gain access to more benefits and health care. I dont believe him one bit and yes Britain is a soft touch and if anyone disagrees with that then they are living in cloud cuckoo land.
  10. Most people I talk to seem to agree that the time for unchecked immigration into the UK has passed.It can be argued that certain people with specific skills should still be allowed but all the remainder should be kept out.There is no need for for any to come for work in the lower pay bracket as we have 2 million UK citizens moaning that they can't find any work.
    The NHS is at full stretch coping with those who are already here though the irony there is the number of immigrants it employs.
    Social housing is stretched to bursting while private affordable rental properties are in short supply.
    I know we can't stem the flow of immigration from the EU but from everywhere else surely we can demand(as some other nations do) the prospective new immigrants have a) a job to go to,b) sufficient funds to support themselves and their family for 6 months if the job goes sour,c) sufficient funds to get themselves and family back to their country of origin if at the end of the six months no work can be found.
  11. Thoroughly agree that child benefit should only be paid if the child lives in the UK. £1 million a week is too much to support such a ridiculous policy
  12. If the UK adopted the rules as to where I live it might change some mind sets. Come in my son and live in our pleasant land. Oh and by the way you must prove that you are self sufficient, monetary wise health wise etc etc as we give you nothing, there are immigrants, but not many. funny old thing
  13. Evidence throaty? Not the 'bloke down the pub' if that's OK.
  14. Well well well we discuss immigration and look who decides to come out of the sewers! The one and only mr diversity champion!
  15. Thought not.
  16. Whilst not prepared to air publicly my views on immigration and possible plus minus factors, it does seem that the more I mix in the public domain the more and more one hears discontent to such large influxes of Europeans into Britain.
    The rational is that if we the tax payers are being denied the services we have always had due to lack of revenue, then how can we further strain the already weakened economy by supporting new arrivals who have made no contribution.
    It's not racism or bigotry, it's good old fashioned self preservation.
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