Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by photface, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering exactly what the IMF pass out entails? I can only remember what I did at Raleigh which was the PTA and PTB. What else is there?

    Thanks. All answers on a postcard...

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  2. Pretty sure it's a standard IMF lesson with ropes, skip-jump and that running march swing your arms around a bit thing you do at the end. Did it in 2012 and no idea whats changed since then!
  3. I did it in 2007ish, IMF wasn't IMF at all: not called it, and nothing like what you described...

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  4. IMF is lots of static PT on a numbered spot. Clubz out the front doing the shouty bit. You then do a few gym sprints, a run about down to the NMT school, then a circuit in the gym (like a flight deck circuit with a bit more equipment) then you do a climb on a rope a few times, finally some more gym sprints and then some more static on the spot stuff to finish off...
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  5. IMF Pass Out is a full run through of all the exercises you learnt in the previous 9 weeks, lasts about 45 minutes.

    -Warm up
    -Four corners
    -Team games
    -Camp sprint 1
    -Abs circuit
    -Camp sprint 2
    -Sprint circuit
    -Running march routine

    Pretty sure that's all of it, I did mine at the beginning of December, embarrassing if it's not haha!
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  6. What is camp sprint 1 & 2 ? , do you run about with your hand on hip shouting ''Shut that door''.
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  7. Haha! It's an 800 metre (roughly) sprint up a hill and back down, and then back up, then back down. Absolute killer!
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  8. That sounds awesome! And KILLER.

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  9. Awesome is Americanish ...behave .
  10. Sorry ... Sounds jolly good!

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