Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. testing andys tips

  2. It works Hig!
  3. Looks like a really old piccy Hig. I assume it's your good self and it was the old ARK? When did you serve on her?
  4. Hi,

    Where are andys tips? if you don't mind me asking, i've looked , i've felt and I can't find em!!!
  5. From the picture I see that the old ARK was so big it had it's own buildings and mountain ..... ?

  6. Hig, oh Hig, You were lovely in those days. However I have seen a recent photo, and unlike my good self, there has been some fading around the edges. Probably the weather in Lossiemouth. I hope the tatts haven't faded as much.
  7. Where was the pic taken Hig ? your face and the background are both familiar
  8. I was on Ark Royal with 800 Squadron Scimitars from 1963 till 1965, if I remember correctly the picture was taken in Aden.
  9. Higgy you are a fine specimin! How come you take up soo much room in the chatroom!
  10. So Hig, you've really stayed in the Garden of Aden! All that greenery, that apple tree, hissing sid and.. er.. the desert.

    I don't know why, but for some reason I expected you to be wearing a reefer jacket, white silk comforter, spats and an officer's cap, holding a picnic basket. You look much better as yourself! My sister was born the year you left Ark, in 1965.

    You looked great!

  11. LOOKS LIKE A BLOODY WAFU TO ME , Ashore again ???
  12. Yes Perce your powers of observation are noted.
  13. So whos better looki[​IMG]ng?
  14. Hig, have you discovered the posting pictures thingy by chance?

    But hey, nice doggie, does he have a name?
  15. No contest Hig.
  16. birth of a sailor


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