Image upload/posting test.


That seems to work, but all my albums have gone. Is this temporary or is the transition still a work in progress?



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Billy. I think things will take a little time to restore themselves. Much the same thing happened on ARRSE when they made the switch a while back. The CO's will keep us updated no doubt.
Morning BR.
Thought that may be the case. This new stuff looks all nice'n'shiny.
No Women that need a good seeing to (just hundreds and hundreds
red crosses - I was fretting a bit). Onwards and upwards.



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From memory, it took a few days on ARRSE to be up and running properly after the switch. There was a lot of howling, screaming and crying about things going missing (medals, likes, post count etc) but then everything was tickety boo in the end. Apart from the mongs. They multiplied.
Who? Me? No Sir. Not me sir. A big boy uploaded it all and ran away. Oh alright - it's a fair cop,
but almost 800,000 clicks have made it a bit of a "must see".
I shall be deleting some of the back catalogue soon in order to make room for my massive collection of photographs of British steam trains and rolling stock because I'm sure there are
hundreds of N.N. members who are - like me, fellow train spotting enthusiasts.

BZ for your work in giving N.N. a re-fit by the way.


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