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Image copy/pasting function?


War Hero
I've only just come to realise that it's possible to "copy" any image from
other websites, and "paste" it directly into a thread that you are either
answering or starting, thus cancelling out the requirement to save images
to PhotoBucket and the like (i.e.) Went to top of RR site - hovered over
the logo - right clicked it (Copy) and dragged and dropped it directly
into this (Paste). Dead clever and a nice little time saver for those that
would like to decorate their posts with images from the wonderful web.

Have not come across this function in any other forum I'm a member of.
Usually have to "Save" the image - upload it to an Image hosting site
and link it back. Thought you'd like to know that it can be done, if you
didn't already know it was possible.


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