I'm stilling worried, and to no conclusion...

Hey Everyone,

Im a little worried about the medical - I have hemangioma birthmarks on my back and although they've NEVER affected my life, Im a little worried about failing the medical. Theyre not too pleasing to the eyes. They've caused the right hand side of my back to swell up slightly in the affected areas, which are in short; small, harmless bloodclots.

Im shitting myself going to the medical incase they tsay I cant join the Royal Marines.

Baring in mind I've never ever had any problems in my sporting life, or physically, what do you think?

Help ease my mind?
But surely it isn't abnormal!

Look, I know what its like, you sit there worrying about what could go wrong and before you know it you've convinced yourself that you're going to fail.


War Hero
CallumAS90 said:
Concidering something like 0.01% of the UK has this shit It is abnormal..
Concidering 99.9% need not apply I'm sure you'll be in the 0.01 % that can.

I am in no way able to offer upto date joining up info or medical advise but going on what I've seen in the Corps I can't see a problem, dont worry about "not pleasing on the eye" all Bootnecks are essence as soon as they Pass out. :dwarf:
Well - Mondays my Medical date, so I'll hold you to that one mate, haha.

Thanks alot for your help though mate, I'll let you know the verdict.


Haemangiomas are not a bar to entry - they're birthmarks and infer nothing about the ability of your blood to clot. Don't worry about it!

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