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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Samson-bar, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Welcome one and all, I'm Samson and I new!

    I join Ralay soon, become famous sailour like dad. He is name Harry Skinters, famous harrier pilot from HMS Massive. He say one day I become famous skiper of ship HMS Crapper - he make my avtar for me!

    I join RumratioN to learn navy skills, and also hate verbing of nouns like bumblebee!

    I bring suitcase, hold-all and ruck sack to Ralay - just in case! Also will have long, but cut short.

    I look forward to pulling on your bollards and spinning tits.
  2. Knew a Florida-bar once, not related are you? Lots of tit spinning there!
  3. I join RumratioN to learn navy skills, and also hate verbing of nouns like bumblebee!

    Jesus H Christ, give us a break and stop taking the piss. :threaten:
  4. concur :toilet:
  5. I'm pretty sure it's spelled Raleigh isn't it?
  6. Is Borat joining the mob then?
    Thought he was too old? ;)
  7. Take the samson bar and shove it where the sun don't shine
  8. Shouldn't you end your post with "brap brap brap" ? ....
  9. agree with hawkeye. shuv it where the sun don't shine...
  10. So basically [email protected] off from all of us then!!

    I love it when we're all of the same mind.

  11. Aww, the shame, poor lad wants to join in and no-one is letting him play.
  12. Kinnell mate , read some shite in my time but you take the biscuit . :rambo:
  13. Samson, kindly insert your verbage into your unlubricated dung trumpet.

    stab :threaten:
  14. Samson search for another knob called Spartan, you'll get on great!!!!
  16. Well do I ever feel dumb thinking he made a spelling mistake! :w00t:
  17. it looks the same to me as when i did my training their, only no g.i's

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