I'm moving to Romania

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Fritzl's already applied to be able to carry out his sentence out there. I'm not going 'cos they may make it compusory and my sister is a moose
  2. I guess it just takes the fun out of it when its made legal!! 8O
  3. To Bucharest, let's go!
  4. 8O :D
    Pragues also good this time of year!! :D 8O
  5. Yeah well fcuk off and do us all a favour and don't come back...
  6. ooooooo get you!!!

    Ragtime is it???
  7. Poor old Josef, 'cos the cnuts Austrian he's a fcuking beast. The most evil man ever to walk the face of this earth who defiled, tortured and degraded his captive daughter beyond the scope of human comprehension for 24 years.
    If he was Romanian he'd just be another warm, loving and caring father who only wants to share his special brand of Daddy love with his daughter over many many years.
    Poor cnut.....lifes so unfair....and the media haven't helped by portraying him as some type of Beelzebub character when he has in fact said sorry (which he wouldn't even have to if he was in Romania) Leave the poor oppressed cnut alone.....let sleeping dogs lie

  8. Just noticed that Dicky is using the special "I'm beside meself with rage " avatar.{also used by some two-faced twats}

    Outraged of Worthing
  9. Oooooooooooooooh! Hark at her!
  10. Forgive Dicky his blasphemies for he knows not what he does.....

    he is but a lowly Admin Clerk with an interest in Amateur Radio which defines him as around middle age, overweight, bald, small of organ, a repressed bummersexual, dysfunctional in normal social circles and invariably still living at home with his mum who takes her teeth out at night before retiring to bed so she can nosh her son off .....
  11. And all that with not even a speck of DNA to go on, you arseholes don't fcuk with RJ
  12. Not only do I count psychological profiling amongst my many talents I can also almost perform auto fellatio. When this momentous day arrives I'll let you all know wether I make the decision to rinse and spit, take it in the eye or gargle and swallow like a filthy Janner cum guzzling fcuk slut!
  13. Just heard a huge sigh of relief over Norfolk!!!!
  14. Having spent nearly a week in the Izea Valley, I’d assumed it was already common practice!
  15. I can't understand all this fuss about 'evil' Josef Fritzl. As I remember the last time an Austrian hid
    his young lover and seven children from the authorities the story was turned into the most successful
    and beloved film musical ever. People are so fickle.
  16. If Fritzl had been living in Britain he could have evaded justice by claiming that he was simply manifesting his religious beliefs. He'd have then been able to claim benefits to cover the cost of the higher electricity bill, extending and insulating his dungeon and having registered it as a place of worship could have evaded paying council tax and even enticed other 11 year old girls to visit Uncle Josef's Grotto: The Amtsetten Gulag School for Smally Girls.

    It's really interesting how his local Lutheran Pastor described him as a pillar of the Church & he was praised by a local plod as a pillar of the local community when the story first emerged (on BBC television last April) but both have gone mum ever since. Of course the Lutherans believe that ones destiny is preordaned: that some people are born evil and will thus go to Hell as an example to others. Perhaps Pretzl will be allowed out early, as he was after his original rape conviction.

    How many other model citizens out there have a collection of children in their darkened cellars? :evil:
  17. In Sunderland they are now considering allowing sex with people who aren't family members......but they are only considering it !!!
  18. The Welsh and the Cornish have to use sheep 'cos their relatives are so bloody ugly! :D

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