im looking into being a recruit for the RM but undecided

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by londonboym, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. im 17 and im studying my A levels atm but when im finished. I am strongly thinking about joinin the RM but im just not sure!

    Could any serving booties or ex marines help to inform me about the marines. I've looked into the RAF etc but have herd they are a bunch of "bryll cream boys". whereas id much rava do the dirty work gettin involved with the patrols and recons etc.

    so could you give me info on:

    training... as a marine...
    ...and wot i will need to do to make it all happen, and wot eva else you think would be a great help.

    cheers, would really appreciate it.
  2. Have you thought about the RAF Regiment? It would combine the soldiering and the RAF if that's what you fancy.
  3. If you join the Marines you can do everything, why start at the bottom when joining the Marines you start at the top.
  4. Have you been to your local careers office because they will have lots of info about training and life afterwards. If your doing A levels why not look into being an officer?
  5. Learn to spell correctly would help. :twisted:
  6. Nice on BS, the guy only wanted advice not abuse!!!
  7. Been 20+years since I saw CTC but in my day it was all running and rope climbin. In the 8 months between PRC and joining I ran 8 miles everyday although reducing the distance and carring a bergan with 30lb or so in it would have been more help. The odd upperbody workout wouldn't go a miss either. Do they still do those poxy USMC tests?

    Jolly japes and beezer fun getting up at 5.30 to polish floors and clean toilets then spending a cold February morning out on the endurance course when after breaking the ice on Peters pool you had to piss your pants just to keep warm (or perhaps it was just at the thought of the water tunnel to come:p) and then crackin your knees on 1/2 bricks lyin in wait in the tunnels then in the afternoon falling from the top of the 30ft ropes down the bottom field and getting friction burns into the bargain tryin to break your fall and pukin yer guts up after falling in the static tank doing regains, coz the water was so feckin stagnant.

    Then dragged from sleep at 3am given 2 minutes to get fell in, in full battle order and marched down to the river exe for wheelbarrow races in the 3 foot deep mud!

    Then spending the next 2 hours cleaning up before it all starts again!

    Yup life as a NOD wernt it great.... Have fun

    Prolly changed days now though
  8. RAF reg are shi*e! but if you want to spend your life sitting on airfields and never geting involved in combat operations dig out, ye ha crab air!!!
  9. Don't do it :roll: You have to be a man first :D

  10. Dont be so silly, I've never me a Marine who can spell properly. :twisted: :twisted:
  11. Those days were good, I was recently at CTC Lympstone, for a funeral, memories came flooding back. Some good ones, some bad!

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