"I'm in the SAS, my mate there is SBS"

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Deano19, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. I was out on the lash last night at a club in my hometown the lovely Belfast City of Northern Ireland. All was going well, me and my older brother, both ex army were getting beat into the ale when suddenly we found ourselves chatting to 2 strangers. Both had English accents, short back and sides and both young, 18-20. I whispered to my brother, "Squadies", he nodded back. In less than 5 minutes, me and my brother were briefed up, on what we spent the rest of the night giggling at.

    One claimed he was an SAS trooper and the other just passed into the SBS. He started to talk about it, more or less bragging, I just winked at my brother with a giggle. Mr. SAS says "What are you laughing at?", to which me and my brother reply "Your full of shit" and "Stop talking shit" at the same time. He leans in and looks into my eyes, without saying anything. So I say, "Ok, so what were yous before yous became SAS and SBS?", he carries on looking smug and goes on to tell us that the SBS lad was in the Army's Engineers and the SAS fella was Royal Marines.

    We burst out laughing. I said, "are you sure that was rehearsed the right way round?", to which they look puzzled and then in the mood for a fight. My brother then tells them we'll be back in a minute just wait here. We went outside, I wasnt sure why, I was looking forward to taking the piss. My brother starts talking to the bouncer, I had forgot my brother telling me he was ex-Royal Irish Regiment, the same as us.

    It was a good sight to see the two special forces heroes, come out in a headlock from each arm of the same bouncer, we pissed ourselves all night.
  2. Liar.

    You fcuking walt-finding walt.
  3. Complete and utter claptrap liers
  4. You lost it in the first sentence:
    'lovely Belfast City of Northern Ireland'
  5. Whats wrong with it exactly?
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is this waltfest day,,,,,,or bullsh1te stealing dits day?

    You could write that dit up with some changes,,,,"I went for a drink with my mate and got talking to a pair of guys. I whispered into my mates ear. The guys rejected our advances and the bouncer asked us to leave. We went home and had some hot chocolate and marshmallows".

    I think you might have been believed with this version of events.
  7. Well he is going to be a diver, smoke and mirrors.
  8. Was he in for the same Dog Watch as yourself? You told us "C COY, 1 R IRISH and left a month before they deployed as I was turning 18 and didnt want to do infantry for 4 years or more" ?

    Was your elder brother involved in trying to wean your wee sister "Shes 16 and on solvents in my house" off of the Solvents?

    You never gave us the endex on that sister act: Did she ever get properly sorted out after all that advice you gained from RR in July?

    Just Curious.
  9. The only flaw in this argument mate is that anyone can do SB selection these days, it is no longer the realm of the R.M and R.N. Similarly it might interest you that there have been quite a few Bootnecks who have served with the Regiment, such names as "Bob Consiglio" (ask Blobbs he knew him) and more recently Tpr lee Fitzsimmons who was killed when the Puma he was flying in over Baghdad went down. Nasty business.

    Yes they were probably Walts but similarly its probably worth doing your research or else one day you never know you might meet said individuals!!!
  10. I met a bloke in a bar once. He said he was in the Regiment.
    Liar turned out to be Lewis Collins, and he'd never ever met
    anyone called the Black Viking either.
  11. BreathingOutOnTheWayUp -

    He was in Royal Irish I said that. He left after 4 years.

    Yea, I ended up filling her druggy boyfriend in after he came knocking on the door stoned 3 times after 4am when I had my girlfriend over. Plus shes working in a hairdressers now and has got better things to be doing, I hope.

    X.R.D -

    Well with the off chance that the 'Royal Marine' had been with the SAS, he looked about 18 or 19 aswell, isn't it 3 years experience?
  12. Did you park your pint on his head Billy while you lit a tab ?, shortarse cnut.
  13. Try driving an HGV anywhere in the vicinity of Hereford, every fcuking big eats caravan you go to half the Regiment are there. All ex of course. I used to tell them "I've spent hours in Stirling lines" which was no lie as I used to deliver the tyres there from Dunlop when I drove for Christian Salvesen. The conversation used to change at that point , I suppose in case you asked them specifics about the camp. :twisted: :D :wink:
  14. Sure you did :p
  15. Don't you remember telling me the life history of the regiment at Gazzers :?: :roll: :wink:
  16. Fcuk me now you are saying I snort drugs, I have had some wacky baccy in my time but I never did white powder.

    As I am busy with this soudproofing install I have phoned an ex-bootie drinking buddy of mine and he is on your case, enjoy it.
  17. :roll: My experience exactly 'Yerefud" Ross on Wye, Ledbury and Leominster are knee deep in them. :roll:
  18. Don't forget the pikey blaggers in Craven Arms; full of burly cunts trying to intimidate other burly cunts with their service in the SAS. They don't like being called out on it either. Like any SAS man will want to settle in that shit hole- Shropshire's Lebanon
  19. A Booty? Couldn't you find anyone tough? :roll: 8O :twisted: :wink:

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