I'm in a book

I still have a bunch of letters that I recieved from mum, dad, ex girlfriends and some mates up in the loft. Skimmed throught them a few years back during a de-clutter and they brought back a smile. I doubt anyone has any letters I sent.

Was that 'Rush' t-shirt photoshopped on for marketing purposes, your pose suggests 'Bronski Beat'. :grin:
Left my self open for abuse I guess,but that's the price of 15 minutes of fame. You didn't mention the Led Zeppelin neck thingy dangly wot sit. I love you witty. Makes I chuckle. Largely.:laughing3:
Sorry, but at 15 euros for an 'unknown author' e-book, I'll be passing on that one.

So, pray tell, what did your bit in the book involve?
Its £1.02 on mine, they are trying to swindle you! I might read it, as judging a book by its cover as one is supposed to the photograph looks inviting (giggity!)


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I'm actually mentioned in a book as well in relation to the first gulf war. I posted the bit on here a while ago somewhere.
I'm in a book too! Manual of Surgery, Rose and Carless, 19th edition, 1960. page 57, fig 3.8 (photo), and pages 200/201 chapter 11 for the text. The photo was actually taken in 1943 and I was presented with the grand sum of 7/6 (three half crowns) for being a co-operative subject whilst being manhandled by a group of budding surgeons. Since my pocket money at the time was reckoned in coppers I felt extraordinarily rich.



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Not only am I in a book. I'm in a museum. Now my boy thinks that I'm really old. The Rural Life Museum in Tilford.

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