I'm guessing I best get used to it.



Me: Yeah, so it looks like I'll be joining the RFA.

Them: The R.A.F ?

Me: No, the Royal Fleet auxiliary.

Them: Oh, like the Naval reserves?

Me:, no - you see...

I've had that part of a conversation at least 4 or 5 times so far, maybe I should carry a FAQ or something.
The typical punter's seafaring knowledge of an island nation massively reliant on reliable merchant shipping is what you'd expect; zero, to within experimental error.
Just say you are joining the Merchant Navy. If your "pals" are interested, you can expand on it. If they're not, you'd be wasting your time. Always keep it simple near simple people.


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I feel your pain. I have much the same reaction when i ask a girl if she's into ATM. It's annoying, but i'm quite well off, what with all the money i've been getting.

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