I'm gonna explode in minute.........


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Me mate has now been released for a few weeks from the military hospital in selly oak, It is a farce what is going on there.

Our brave young lads get sent there if they get hit, when was the last time anyone heard about a wounded soldier? dont make the news does it?

We have a responsability to the young thrusters who wear the uniform of this country, they do the governments bidding, the government owes them.

Dont sow what you wont reap.


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I think you have a fair point Blobs.

Does anyone know what the figures are for casualties (including psychological referrals), other than fatalities, in Iraq & Afghanistan?

Funny how we don't hear about injured people on the news isn't it?


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Sorry BH, the lack of care p1sses me off....I'm talking about someone who is the same age, same join up age, same bloke, same cynical cnut as me......fcuk you.....
WB , I know exactly how you feel. Was there last week and got talking to some young amputees having a crafty cigarette in the Ambulance bay.

Humbling experience. But if only the press would publish stories of these fine young men, unbowed , and full of humour and drive to get back to their units.

Ironically , it would probably take a Magazine like Hello to bring it to the attention of people that could make a difference.

I am afraid its the same in times of conflict.Its not deemed "correct" to bring to the attention the plight of our injured Forces personel to the general public.Cant have the dead and dying praying on the consciences of the Scum on the BAnks of the Thames!


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I'm off soon, come next friday you wont be seeing me for a fair few months,

woof woof......why wont people be then selves?.....who are we trying to copy?
hey dont pick on me -------- i know how it feels - so dont go there - Cpl **********- 1992 gulf war freindly fire - my boyfriend-- i apologise- Wb wasnt being a cow, so sorry - i know how it feels to be shat on by powers that be sorry again :-\\\\


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Nearly sober....sorry BH but, it really grips my shite the way shaggy has been treated. Selly Oak is a fcuking joke. there is what, 30 beds there? visiting dignatories only see this one ward, they dont see the fellas spread through the hospital on the burns ward or the orthapedic wards (excuse my spelling)
These fellas dont count because they're not visable. the squaddies who go through Selly Oak are patched up and moved on post haste, that way they dont become a statistic, no -one counts the young lads getting treated in trauma units up and down the country or takes notice of the young squaddies hobbling into A+E units or there nearest military establishment for treatment.

It is a fcuking shameful episode, yet the way it's being conducted the great and the good who sit around the cabinet table in downing street are able to say..."we have done this and that for our servicemen and women"....where is the accountability? anyone of them [email protected] in downing street do as much as rip a toe nail they expect the best treatment...immidiatley.

Sorry for ranting on but, this issue grips my shite. Shaggys missus binned him 2 days ago, I quote "your on crutches, all me mates boyfriends take them out clubbing and you cant, also you go away alot"....she aint shallow then.
WB- thoughts are with your mate and the rest of the injured troops
You are preaching to the converted on here about the shameful medical treatment of injured personnel and the wanker politician that are responsible for this shameful situation
Feel free to vent your spleen amongst those that understand
Hope his ex gets a dose whilst she's out clubbing
I uderstand how you feel, WB. It is an absolute shambles they way that our service men and women are treated when injured, One of our students who was in the Army has just a few months ago came back from Iraq sadly having lost both legs from the knee down, and severe burns . this lad was 24 years old. but he never got so much as a mention.

It deeply saddens me to hear that your friends EX 'girlfriend' has done that to him. What a heartless witch.

My boyfriend is a marine and is due to go off for his first stint in Afghan at the end of september. I'll be honest i'm cacking myself, but i know that as a girlfriend that he will need support and encouragement, the thought would never cross my mind to do anything less than this.

I hope that she feels guilty for the rest of her life as i believe someone that shallow and cruel doesnt deserve to be happy.

sorry guys bit of a rant there!


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Has anyone got an MP contact to get a question asked in the house re the number of injured coming back from Afganistan and Iraq, full disclosure of all types of injuries both physical and mental might make people sit up and think

I suprised that none of the regular Journo's on the site haven't been pushing this


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It's a spent topic janner, even if you get killed nower days you'll be lucky to make page 5, multiple deaths still seem to make the front page but it's an unpopular war, journos dont give a shite.
It is Gut Wrenching to hear of these lads being moved from pillar to post to help the statistics.

I work for the NHS albeit as a Caterer in a Mental Health Trust in Liverpool, and know that a lot of staff do not realise about how the Armed Forces should be treated.

I was seen on TV as a Falklands veteran at the parade in London, they asked me "Why were you there?" Dermm, cos I was down the Falklands in 1982, dipstick. Admittedly I don't advertise that fact with a big sign on me head, "Falklands Vet, please ask stupid question"

After helping the guys return from there on a Ambulance ship, we helped rehabilitate them on as many cans, dits and abuse as they could manage, and then they left us together to go to a military hospital in UK.

All the guys I have spoken to have said, that being together with other servicemen was an important part of their treatment.

If any lads do have mental Health problems in the Liverpool area, at least I can give them private catering facilities eg Free Tea & Coffee.


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For the period 7 October 2001 to 31 December 2005:

Centrally available records show that:

* 6 UK Military Personnel were categorised as Very Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease
* 4 UK Military Personnel were categorised as Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease

bit of a jump to......

For the period 1 January 2006 to 31 May 2007:

Centrally available records show that:

* 174 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK Field Hospitals and categorised as Wounded in Action, including as a result of hostile action.
* 407 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK Field Hospitals for disease or non-battle injuries.

Of course, British forces will deploy to Afganistan and not fire a shot in anger, or some such bull shite spouted by the defense minister.
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