im going to regret this.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Benny687, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. playing a game of truth or dare, made the mistake of telling opposition to go first, i got a for fuck goes,,,

    i love you. i want to meet with you and make rudies.

    there, do i fucking win yet!?!?!
  2. Err...can you take cash instead?
  3. Benny, er PM may be the way to go. Seduction via Diamond Lils is probably a non starter.
  4. lol I truth or dared him he paid the price.....
  5. Excellent!! Well done Benny for not flinching (too much). Hope you double the pain on your game partner in response. Keep us posted.

  6. Should we brace ourselves in case old Wompers comes in with a double dare? This could get scary....

  7. well done for standing your ground,,,,,,,,, there is always the poss that Pinta make not wish to do rudies with you though,,,
  8. It's only scarey if you get too close. Whatever you do - stay well clear or Wompers will have you too!!!

  9. im shit at this bloody game....

    AAC. i want you aswel, more than aussie i promise. please take me.

    there had better be a really fecking good prize at the end off this....
  10. Probably 72 virgins!

    Drink more beer and good luck, you're gonna need it!
  11. by the time he found that many,,, he would be way to old to enjoy them....
  12. I'm being gentle honest
  13. shes not! shes wearing a strange hat an keeps threatening to put me on something called "defaulters"

  14. don't worry you little head ( on his shoulders can't comment on the other one) about it it's only a PO (SCC) hat
  15. Willow seems to be getting off very lightly - man up and give her some real dares!
  16. The dare is only to say it Artemis (and presumable have the urine extracted by the rest of us) not to actually do it ...
  17. I so hope that you two are still playing - this one could run and run. Come on Wompers, what are you going to do the poor man next?
  18. Come on Benz, get creative!
  19. Yeah, because thats what this site is all about isn't it, civvies using it for a laugh :roll:
  20. Lamri, it's just a bit of fun - you don't have to read the posts if you don't want to.

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