Im goin to Raleigh on the 3rd of feb! help

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by thomo, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. hey a few questions n whats needed! how muh money shud i take about! i erd form £50 - £200! ow many sit ups, pull ups, press ups, squads do i need b able to do! and what is CP 123 coz iv bin told i need to take it bt av no clue wt it is! plz help ta!
  2. safe bredwin
  3. Good luck.
  4. Long time since i was at Raleigh but its too late now to try getting in extra training. but im new on this forum and would suggest you look further as the infos here about Raleigh.
    I was also over the road at Fisgard and was a founder member of Spickernell division. And as for pay to put you into perspective we got paid £15 a month at two weekly intervals . The payday we got £8 instead of £7 was bonus weeks. But petrol for my motorbike was 25 pence a gallon and beer was 20 pence a pint. This is not that long ago either.
    My mate in Spickernell division who also motorbiked with us to Looe at madcap speeds and Torquay David Allan Strickland (DAS) died in the computer room of HMS Coventry trying to reset the computer that had gone tits up due to too many targets crashing it.That was during the Falklands war.
    But yes good effort trying to get knowledge about things. The bummer will be trying to pass the naval swimming test.The test i had to go to baccydippers for for months. It did not help on my test (me a weak swimmer) to have a guy in the four in front nearly drown. The PTI prodding him with a big pole as he sunk to the bottom blowing out bubbles. we thought it was a act till the PTI jumped in in his immaculate gym gear and dived to the bottom to pull him out. then they did mouth to mouth and got a ambulance. Next it was us to jump in the water and swim. Go.
  5. Do not name names....
  6. Ooops sorry since both Spickernel who was a admiral who the division was named after is dead as is Collingwood and Raleigh who both bases are named after ditto.
    My mate Das Strickland is dead having fought in the Falklands War.
    If i cant name a bloody hero who died freeing British people from tyrany then you can stuff this forum up its proverbial.
    Because if your coming the old soldgier routine and pussers bullshit then its time for you to learn a truth . That in these modern days bullshiters get there get just deserts.
  7. Mines jam rolly polly. :money:

  8. Firstly,i would start to relearn how to write English!!!!!!
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Off to Raleigh in 2 days, and you haven't found this out from all the info available from your AFCO?! Left it a bit late, Shippers... 8O :oops:
  10. Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
    Edited for Piss Poor spelling :thumright:
  11. Doooooo come on!He couldnt even spell "Prior"FFS!!!!

    Let alone............ " Perfromance" lol
  12. I must admit Andy that I did have Bill Gates 'Spell checker for Bootnecks'TM on full blast for that one! :thumright:
  13. No worries,i just assumed it was the Maori version of the word.
  14. alright i give up what the fcuk is CP 123 - is the JPA version of K9P
  15. im sure Thomo will enlighten us after hes been bollocked for not taking it.
  16. i think thomo will be too busy relearning english instead of textlish - bloody youngsters
  17. Sounds like star wars.
  18. help me johne - youre my only hope
  19. "Shag Shacker....................feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel the Force!"
  20. 3rd of feb. OOPS. Left that a bit late.

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