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I'm Fuming, Absolutely F*cking Fuming!!!


Lantern Swinger
Lurch said:
I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the biggest problems with the travel budget is that units wait until the last moment before buying the tickets - and then they complain how expensive they are. When you see that prices can be ten times greater in the last few days compared with booking in advance then it's no surprise that the travel budget gets used up.

I'm affraid Lurch that that isn't the problem at all. Yes they may wait until later to buy tickets etc but at the rate that they are cancelling training these days they would have far more money wasted on tickets bought early which are not required come the day.

Also, very few people at our unit actually require tickets to go places. More often than not they use cars, either hired, pussers or own cars.

The problem is they need to budget for the year month by month and try to stick to it. It doesnt take an accountant to realise that if you start spending the cash beyond your annual means at the beginning of the year then at some stage you will run out, more often than not - too early.

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