I'm Dumb and i know it.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ryanryan2121, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Right I have two (dumb) questions in this one.
    1: i am applying as an ET(ME) rating, is that a non-commissioned position? I think it is. Whats the difference between commissioned and non-commissioned? I have tried looking online and at all the literature i was given at the AFCO, but with no luck
    2: can i delete old posts i have put up, because i'm aware i am slowly taking over this forum with dumb questions.
    thanks (again).
  2. 1. i give up!!!!!

    2. mods dont let him delete - its fun to read
  3. You are joining as an ET(ME) rating which is not an officer, officers are commisioned QED you will not be. :thumright:

    As for deleting old posts haven't a clue, try not to ask too many dumb questions :threaten:
  4. Why do I answer this?

    Ask your local recruitment office or hit google!

    The fact that you are joining as a rating is a bit of a giveaway. Officers get commissioned from Her Majesty (hence the term the Queen's Commission) - others do not (hence the term non-commissioned).

    Sadly, unless a site person deletes your posts I think your questions will be here to haint you!

  5. Thank's i was actually pretty sure that was the case but i wasn't certain, i tried googling, but it wasn't really any use. I won't need to ask anymore dumb questions seems as if everything else is covered elsewhere on here.
  6. NO - if people like you stop asking dumb questions then half of the forums on this website will disappear, and old salts will have to result in taking the P*ss out of each other, with far more chance of collateral damage. Keep asking - in 20 years you'll be old and cynical enough to rip the shit out of the next generation.
  7. Ask as many dumb questions as you want, just don't get uptight when you get the piss taken out of you. Look upon the site as part of your new entry training :thumright:
  8. Ryan Ryan, were you Mum and Dad taking the pish or what?
    You can delete your own posts. Look to the top right of the offending post you will see a row of boxes you can click REPLY ... QUOTE ... and DELETE, click on the appropriate box and you'll be able to reply to a post, quote someone elses post (By clicking the quote box in their post) or an options box asking you to confirm that you want to delete (Yes/No) click yes and Bob's your uncle.
    If your post has been quoted by someone else though you're screwed, unless you can persuade them to delete their post.
    Best bet is to really think before you post and perhaps use the Private Message option to contact Ninja Stoker or someone else, just give them some time to reply.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    1. Non-Commissioned = Rating.

    Have a look at the Royal Navy website, there’s lots of helpful titles, (some in big letters for the hard of hearing) such as: What is an Officer? (Officers have the Queens Commission) and What is a Rating? (Ratings do not have the Queens Commission & are therefore Non-Commissioned). A Commission is a bit of paper off the Boss telling the recipient they can help Her be in charge of Her Navy by running it for Her when she's busy elsewhere. (A Commission does not mean you get any discount however.) Seriously though, after you've read both links, you'll be fully aware of the difference.

    2. Yes, as indicated by NZB above, you can delete your posts but as your identity is anonymous, there's little point. (It takes ages too.)

    Hope that helps & good luck.
  10. Nice one, thanks everyone. Yeah from the sounds of it, it would be better to not worry about deleting my posts. Just to try and not write so many. Will make sure to check out the link.
    Oh and with regards to slim's comment, i'v got no worries with getting some stick for my dumb question's.
  11. Just think of your dumb questions as partof community service. They make Higs's day cos then he gets to let rip :thumright:
    Plus most of us enjoy taking the piss as well, so keep bringing the sunshine into our lives :money:
  12. Okay as you asked so nicely, i will try not to totally starve you of amusement. I'm sure there will be another dumb question soon enough.
  13. Ryan

    I think you get a period when you can delte, but I do not klnow if that is 1 hour or 1 day. So maybe it is a good idea to see if you can find the answer yourself before posting. After that you can of course edit it by deleting the text and leaving a message saying "Deleted by poster" The box will of course remain unless deleted by the Moderator of that Forum.

    Google seem to have access to a bit of info start with asking them.


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