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Well just passed my fitness today, So just awaiting joining date. Got the RNAC on the 3rd of Sept, Raleigh presumably could be any time after that as i should have my Security clearance back first week in September.

So anyone on the RNAC course at the same time as me?

And Thanks to everyone who has offered advice throughout the selection progress.

Let the waiting game begin.


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Got my PJFT on friday. can you tell me how it's done exacly? do they set the treadmill speed straight to 12kph?

I had to do mine in 10 min as it is for the Royal Marines. They set the speed at 15 kph which gave me the correct time for the run.


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for mine i had to do it in 12mins 20secs, so they told me a speed id have to do it to pass, so i went just slightly higher.

And thanks all :)


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Ninja_Stoker said:

Just for info the waiting time for WS(SEA) from passing PJFT should be about 13 months mate.

My understanding is that they are revising the NVQs awarded for WS(SEA)

Seaman Specialist PDF.
Ye think the careers advisor mentioned the waiting times for WS (SEA) were 12-15 months but would have been the same in NA(AH)
Thanks for the info Ninja appreciated

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