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I'm Dipping out


War Hero
Since it became known that all those poor girls were fiddled by Savile, every time they went back to his Fix it show/Top of the pops, a remarkable fact has emerged.
One programme I watched about it and this fat munter who was a right grolly from her early year phots said he raped her the second and third times she went for a drive with him.
What's wrong with that statment as far as being a victim is concerned, going on the fact she was living with mom and dad and had blagged her way into the TOTP's studio?
Nearly half or more of the females in this country and nearly as many males have been interfered with.
Now the perverts of Doctor Who are being outed along with the paedo ring in Eastenders.
You got groped playing "Its a Knockout" and if you went close to Dave Lee Travis you got more than you figured for apparently. In fact there ain't an institution that ain't affected, comedians, everywhere.
So Wet blobby was part of the scene working with Noel Edmonds and other names.
He don't seem to tell us about it, but it was so prolific he must have seen it surly?
Perhaps 90% of the twats claiming they were got at are lying cunts who smell money.
I spread myself about like free school milk in the 60's and 70's how come I and hundreds like me never heard a whisper then?
And most of the fuckers claiming to have been knobbled are fat ugly fuckers. All that throbbing fanny putting it about in the late 60's like it was going out of fashion, poor matelots with fuck all in there pockets but their hands, pulling like fuck, but famous bastards with loadsa dosh have to rape and prey on unwilling victims.
Yeah right, some of the gorgeous birds I've copped off with but rich geezers had to have victims?
My Ford Anglia versus their Jags and Mercs, I can see why I pulled,..sympathy.
Now when I was a trainee at Raleigh in 65 a tender 15 year old bit of skin,.....I feel a memory of assault coming on, how much compensation will they give me, I still have traumatic stress over it, maybe.:wink:


War Hero
Basic training was not abuse it was making a man of you:p
And you are suprised by the money grabbing ugly twats, why?
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