I'm broken hearted

I recently got this letter ...

Dear Ms [Golden Rivet],

As you may know the Annual FUnd is there to support the projects that make a student's time at [this University] even more life-changing.

So it is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that due to funding shortfalls, only 50 per cent of applications to the fund were successful this year.

What this means is we couldn't provide laptops for our students to use in the ***Student Union, we couldn't support an ambitious project to extend electronic access to more of our journals and that plans for a prestigious series of seminars on International Security had to be shelved.

... " I could go on but I can't be bothered ...

Hmm I might feel more sympathy if on the 3 occasions I applied for posts at my ex-University I had even had a rejection letter rather than as usual being left in limbo ...

my heart bleeds for them :dwarf:
GR as far as I can make out most university posts are allocated on the old boy/girl network. One of my sons is now a lecturer and eack post he has got has been one where he has been given the nod and wink or just straight invited to apply.

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