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I'm black guy about to start phrase 1 will i be bullied and experience racism because im black?


War Hero
My experiences are far too long ago to understand the modern RN
However I would recommend speaking in your normal accent whether it be Carribean, English, Scots etc. and not trying to act like a hard man and speaking Gangsta.
Best of luck in your new career, in the services colour does not matter, what does mattter is the attitude and enthusiasm of the person


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Book Reviewer
Just be yourself. The vast majority of the RN do not care about colour.
I say vast majority as in life you will always unfortunately find a racist somewhere but their behaviour is definately not what the RN is wanting.

Be yourself, get stuck in and enjoy it.
As Slim says, attitude and enthusiasm.

Good luck.
@blackbritishguy - The only -ism you are likely to encounter is 'Human Racism'.

Having jumped several hurdles en route and selected as raw material for moulding into a potentially useful team member of the Royal Navy you must expect to be prised out of your comfort zone.

Along with your fellow recruits you will experience some well-tried but proven attempts at removing your rough edges throughout the Training & Shaping phases of that transition.

Former NE Instructors, @Drakey & @WreckerL might be along to share their experiences of nurturing the wide range of raw material at RALEIGH and hopefully put your mind at ease on 'racism' and the absence thereof.

IMHO any criticisms/sanctions/encouragement coming your way will be solely down to your progress or lack of it - NOT on your ethnicity/religion/sex etc etc.


War Hero
As can be seen from answers to your post there is a lot of banter.
You may find just as much or even more in the RN, unfortunatelly I have no experience of modern times.
Perhaps a PM to Dapperdun may help.
Nice guy who will point you in the right direction


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Super Moderator
I was at Raleigh recently and you'll find at lot of the recruits are of colour, whether Afro-Caribbean, Asian and All points in between.

It would be silly to say there are no racists in the RN but they don't last long.

There's a vid on the web somewhere where the class clubbed together and secretly brought a lads mother over from the Caribbean for his passing out parade, exactly the sort of thing you'll experience, every one looking out for each other regardless of colour, religion, gender etc.


War Hero
As most have said, just be youself and enjoy it,new entry training subtly teaches tolerance and team spirit, you'll be fine. As Wrecks said racists don't last long.
I joined in 1970, it was a bit different then but all the lads of a similar background to yourself (except one) were great characters, made friends easily and most importantly were team players.
Good luck and may your career be a long and happy one.


War Hero
The Navy is full of kindhearted, piss taking bunch or happy go lucky bods, as always you choose your oppos.
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