I'm back.


Lantern Swinger

Apologies for my long absence, have had a lot going on with life, moving house among other things has kept me off the website. After a bit of 'Harmony time' which I spent actually going to sea on another ship I got an email on Tuesday telling me I'm crash drafted back to my ship and back out on deployment in a couple of days!

So that does mean I'm missing the RR meet again I'm afraid. I'll definitely come next year if it's still happening!

I'll make sure I keep myself in here though. Got to keep you fuckers in line. Especially the Negro... :slow:
Good to have you back.Its been a bit quiet on hear lately.All the mongs have flown south for the summer or something.
I fuckin love that tiger:-D
Chats you fucker awol is serious.
Mind the electric fence around RR has failed and all the idiots have fled the asylum.
We are making a new soap called Newbie City, its based on a run down health spa where all the old fuckers are dying and the kids are taking over.
Wits is running the euthanasia programme, and his hidden agenda is to be the oldest member so he can spin unchallenged dits to the sprogs who pay homage with sticky buns and bisquits.

Glad you're back, I've been conducting a recruitment programme myself in Morrison's.
Jimmy Green come aboard mate we need you and I won't tell anyone you were in Bembow 64.
And that has nowt to do with Raleigh, it's more a rest home for naughty boys in Pompey Dockyard. (Our secret oppo.)

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