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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gaz85, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Evening ladies and gents, boys and girls!

    I trust all is well! Well I've return to rumration after an 18 month-ish absence. Only posted a few times previously to do with my weight etc Trying to join up and I was, quite frankly, a porker! My first target weight was 85kgs, then rather generously, to help me, they made it was 95kgs.....Ideal I thought! At this point i was near on 120kgs...............

    Unfortunately, last year i was made redundant (bad times!) but I thought hang on, take a positive out of a negative and use my spare time to exercise like a demon and dedicate every spare minute to healthy eating and working out. I got to to 97/98kgs, I had one foot over the line!!!!!! Went for a kick about with a few lads (extra exercise I thought!) then....... BANG!! Suffered a really bad leg break.....

    Fully recovered now but unfortunately the weight has come back and bit me on my arse...so Thought I'd get back on here have a chat with me and get back on the fitness, so far so good. So if there's anyone out there in the same boat or you want to share some ideas then chuck me a message.....

    P.s What happened to Nails???? Or does he have a new disguise?
  2. Hi Gaz

    Welcome Back!

    All I will say is that you lost the weight once before and you can do it again. You should read Tommo's thread on running and getting fit - what he has done is absolutely amazing!

    Nails? I can only imagine that the Cage Fighting took off big time and he just got too big for RR ..........
  3. Hi Soleil,

    Thanks mate, that was the second time It's happened to me couple years previous to that I broke my foot and stopped me joining.......third time I'm hoping!

    I'll check out Tommo's thread, I assume it will be in the fitness section! It's a shame Nails has gone he amused with the Sh*t that use to come out of his mouth!
  4. Allright Gaz, bad luck with the leg break. If you want to lose weight quickly, and i'm talking 3 stone in 2 months kind of quick, then check out Lighter Life. I am walking proof that it works, I had to lose some weight quickly a while back and I lost a stone and a half in 3 and a half weeks, all but the water weight stayed off.

    It won't help your run times etc. but it's a hell of a lot easier to train and get these down when you're not carrying the bulk.

    I wouldn't recommend it for small weight loss goals, but if you have a lot to shift then it is worth a look mate.
  5. Lonestar,

    Thanks I'll certainly have a gander in a bit, how many of my hard earned pennies will be deducted for using that website though!?! ha ha ;)
  6. You don't need to go on any strict diets or use any pills or anything. Just pure hardwork, exercise and eating properly and you lose weight

    It's hardwork but possible and your fitness levels will improve along the way and running times will drop!
  7. OMG its soooo nice to see someone in the same boat... sorry but when i was tmu'd for my weight I actually felt like I was the only person this happened to, silly I know but still.

    I was given 12weeks to lose 11KG, currently i'm on week 11 and 7KG down and thats with working out 6times a week and eatingnext to nothing. just dont give up. The one thing that kept me going was the thought of my dream career at the end.

    Best of luck
  8. Its not a website you pay for, it is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) which works by putting your body into a state of Ketosis which from what I understand is where your body switches to burning fat reserves as standard as it assumes a sever calorie deficiency. You survive on a crazy low number of calories but because of the way the diet works you don't feel hunger.

    You eat no real food, you eat 4 'food packs' which take the form of soups, shakes, porridge etc. You also drink a lot of water and black coffee - nothing else!

    It is expensive, about £60 a week. But that is for everything, you don't need to pay a penny more for food or drink that week, so if you actually work out how much more it is than what you would spend on all food and drink in a week it may not be that much more.

    As Tommo said, is it of course possible to do it through sensible eating and exercise, but for people with a time constraint or who want a quick foolproof way this WILL work.

    It's an option anyway, there if you want to consider it.
  9. exercising and strict dieting isn't good for you. It will cause more harm than good.

    Eat properly if exercising. Cut down on the alcohol. Quit smoking if needs be.
  10. Tommo

    Didn't you give up smoking as part of your fitness programme?
  11. i stopped in august not had one since. Complete cold turkey
  12. Was it hard to give up? I've never smoked so can't talk about giving up with any authority but I know lots of smokers who find it very difficult. Maybe you could offer tips?

    It was imperative that you gave it up, really. I can't see how you would have achieved your running success while still smoking.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I agree with Tommo, I gave up smoking over 30 years ago, went from 40/50 a day to nothing overnight. Mind you I became a nutty fiend overnight. What is frightening is that even after all that time, if someone walks past in the open air, especially on a cold crisp day, smoking, I still think that the smoke smells good. Not the same if its indoors though.
    The biggest problem for most people, when they stop smoking, is that you then have to watch your weight
  14. It was my decision to give up. I changed my lifestyle completely.

    I loved smoking. Training and eating properly helped because it stopped me picking at food. It was hard during the times i used to relax and smoke. I took up bubble gum to compensate but got addicted to them i had so many i got the sh*ts lol. So quit the bubble gum. I never used and patches or anything. Just focus'd on quitting.
  15. I too quit and I can only echo the comments of both of you on how much of a difference it makes. I actually quite enjoyed having a smoke, far too often, but I quit to help with phys and the difference is huge. I had tried everything from hypnosis (which worked for 3 months) to patches to gum and kept going back so I did it with just willpower alone. Best decision I made.

    I too still ocasionally catch a whiff of a cigarette or have a slight desire for a smoke, always when i've had a drink, but a slight set back lasting about 10 seconds was enough to put me off permanently when I tasted how disgusting it was so thats no longer a problem.
  16. That sounds like possibly the worst advice to give someone trying to recover from injury to me. I can't see how this will promote healthy bone and muscle development, and prepare the body in advance for the rigours of recruit training.

    The body will lose weight rapidly if you eat very healthily, and do the right exercise; ie not too much muscle work, and plenty of running/swimming. Eat normally, DO NOT DIET.
  17. It is only one option Jonno, it wasn't intended as advice, I was just letting him know what had worked for me at one point. I hadn't really taken into account his injury I was more offering him an option he may have not been aware of. It isn't unsafe is followed properly because the food replacements are essentially just all the essential nutrition that the body can't do without, you have to have doctors approval first before they let you start. As I said, it worked for me and for lots of other people, it might not be for everyone but the info is there if they want to consider it.
  18. There's loads of stuff to take to help you lose the weight quickly, I could give you a few pointers on what to take but I wouldn't highly recommend it man
    Eat less and and stop being lazy is your best option

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