I'm a newbie & need help

Does anyone know what the whole time would take to actually apply as a chef in the navy, do all the tests and then get working on the boat?
Well, it's the hardest course in the RN, and very few people actually pass it.

I would suggest that if you want a mildly sensible answer you speak to your AFCO, only they can tell you how long the wait is.
It's around 2 years, anyway, a little bit longer if you are applying to be a Chef on ships, a little bit less if you are applying to serve on submarines.


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You need help?

Don't we all, darling.

Joe in particular. And Wrecker too. I admit I do. Is it time for my medication yet?

Standing by.

Is that based purely on waiting times, Sol? If it is, then PtIII training has to be taken into account too.
Good point, Joe - am an idiot ........

Note to self: read the question properly ...

The 24 or so months is the period during which you will complete the various stages of your application and wait a little while for your place at HMS Raleigh. Once your training has begun, you then need to add 10 weeks plus 26 weeks for your training and then you're good to go. In total then, roughly 3 years.

Thanks Joe x
Just an aside!! never knew they had Chefs in the navy??? Just cooks, right up to Chief..... Although we did sometimes call them chef, when they were serving, and you were trying to finesse an extra portion out of them :laughing2:
It's not that long ago that they were Logisticians (Catering Services) (Preparation) - Logs (CS)(P).
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It's not that long ago that they were Logisticians (Catering Services) (Preparation) - Logs (CS)(P).
Of course soleil - thanks. Been out of the loop for a year now and had forgotten. I'm feeling distinctly not-ex-Navy these days and much slips my mind about those bittersweet years.

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