Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chicogiz, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Dam, i cant stop thinking of submarines :( . I have a date to join warfare spec on ships, but i went on a submarine a week ago and really liked my time on there. The reason i chose ships first is because i didnt want to join a submarine not knowing what they were like. I happy with what im going in as, im just worried will i be able to join submarine service say after 10 years?


  2. I for one will not contradict youChico :p
  3. :withstupid: :lol:
  4. I dont wanna change job role etc. All i wanna know is, cause my job is warfare spec, and there short of man power, would it be possible to transfer if i wanted to in the future. I may get on ship and not want to change. At the AFCO they said if i go ships i could probaly go to submarines but the other way. So is that possible if your trade is short and your on a ship?
  5. Chico
    All the advice on here so far has been to go surface fleet to begin with and then if you still fancy being a submariner transfer.
    You can transfer from surface to submarines far easier than the other way round.
    Don't go submariner just to get in earlier, go because you want to be a sun dodging non washing deep diving hot bunking matelot :p
  6. Ha im still going ships, even if i could not transfer.
  7. Well your in the right place for like minded folk. :wink: 8O :D :D
  8. Stop giving the job spec away, you'll scare the children :evil:
  9. You might be able to transfer dependant upon...
    branch availability (i.e. a place available)
    source branch availability (i.e. can the branch, in this case GS warfare, spare you).

    If you are allowed you would probably go Warfare spec. You would undergo the same training as a Phase Two again but as a senior AB or killick maybe.

    Remember this bit: Use your divisional system!! The more you keep on at them, the harder they will work to get you an answer. :lol:
  10. Why would anyone want to serve on targets unless they're straight? ;) :lol:

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