I'm a Girl Guide! No, REALLY! I am!

,Communal showers are very unlikely now, most places have single cubicles.
At work, we have boys who identify as girls and vice versa. No problems with sports changing rooms as yet.
I've just thought - I've got a kilt so I can wear that without giving up my 'maleness'. Heh heh, where's the nearest tent full of Girl Guides (all over 16 obviously, nothing funny going on here!)

Actually, that throwaway comment just made me think- there WILL be girls under 16 in those tents, so how will these wooly brained liberals protect them?
Is this you coming out - as Royal?
coming out, I'll be in disguise as a big fat girl guide with a beared nobody Will know?
good point from @SONAR-BENDER how will they protect the innocent's of the girl's who have yet to be confronted by a toggle and two, unless only those post op allowed.
what a weird world we now live in?

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