Im a celebrity, send me to my death!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Fightinpaddy, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Whilst watching englands abject failure last night, my mate said 'wouldnt it be nice to stick mclaren in a plane and shoot him down over the atlantic never to see him again'. With that in mind which celebrity would you like to put in our special airplane to be blown up mid flight over the north Atlantic?

    Mine for a start is Kerry Katona, cocaine addled sh1t food selling fat cow.
    There is pletny of seats its a 747 so nominate your celebrity now!
  2. Christopher Biggins.
    Ant and friggin Dec
    Anyone off Eastenders/Coronation Strasse

    I'll be back with more :)
  3. No celebrity just the member on here called Kgladams.
  4. Fxxxxxxxxg ditto to Kgladams , arsehole personified ,
  5. Everyone who has ever appeared on Big Brother :threaten:
  6. Paddy,

    Can you please book my cattle class seats, near the shitters for the following.

    Jeremy Kyle = Smug, self satisfied, holier than though, chav baiting gobshite of epic proportions.

    Wayne Rooney's missus, Colleen whatsername = Famous for nothing gold digging not even that fit SLAG! I bet if Wayne was a brickie she wouldn't have stayed with him post geriatric whoring episode. In fact give Rooney a seat too.

    Amy Winehouse and Pete Docherty = Druggie scum waste of victuals [email protected], tortured genii my arse, whinging whining smacked up sh1tbags.

    There's plenty more but I wouldn't want to spoil anyone elses fun.
  7. Ant & Dec , and I'm a Geordie for christ sake .
    Pete Doherty , moron , how's he get away with it , beyond me .
    Kate Moss , trollop ,
    Noel bloody Edmonds ,
    The Committee from St Budeaux Workies , spineless arseholes living in the past .
    :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  8. What does everyone think of the member Kgladams on here?
  9. He's not a celebrity so i couldnt give a toss now piss off and stop trying to hijack my thread!

    Paris Hilton is going to have to go on there too, and Heather Mills i'm afraid.
  10. You piss off i only asked you stupid fool.
  11. Carol Vodermann, that woman is soooo bloody annoying.
    Leona Lewis, warbling Whitney wannabe.
    David Jason, Christ he'd turn up to the opening of an envelope.
  12. Paul O'Grady
    Katherine Tate (Unfunny Cow)

    Bear with me :)
  13. Ah yes! But can we send them on in some sort of skimpy air hostess guise? Coz lets face it you still would.

    Tim lovejoy = Glory hunting self satisfied ignorant balding mockney faux football "Crazy" tit.

    And Chico, go away.
  14. Am I allowed to nominate the entire government front bench. I know they're not really celebs, just a bunch of two faced, smug, self-serving, lying twats. Nevertheless, I'd be really grateful if you could squeeze them in.
  15. Dont tell me to go away i asked a question if thats a problem say dont be rude. If you carry on it just says how sad people can get.
  16. Chico FFS if you want to ask other members opinions about something or someone, then start a thread for it - Paddys got the hump because your hijacking his thread!!

    Back to the question:

    Paris Hilton - talentless cum-bucket
    Pete Doherty - talentless junkie
    Richard and Judy - because I find them as enjoyable as a fart in a spacesuit

    .............................Oh and Mick Hucknal because I despise him!!
  17. Michael Winner...

  18. Good call Sara :thumright:
  19. Beckham and his shallow, plasticized bitch troll from hell....

    We'd better start checking out Charter rates for an A380
  20. Can we have 2 planes please?????/

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