I'm a celebrity on foot patrol in Helmand

:x Fcuking cringeville just watched the re-run of I'm a tw*t of a has been celebrity get me out of here. While on tv yesterday the body of our 100 hero to die in Afghan was returned home.
Forced to watch the drivel and the "terrified celebs facing crocodiles with their gobs taped up, snakes with no venom and spiders that are smaller than the fcukers in my garden shed. Pathetic statements about how they had faced the horrors of separation and the fear of the unknown, proud of how they had overcome the challenges set for them - cnuts cnuts, lets have the next series out with 40 CDO in Helmand and see how the fcukwits perform.
Nice living for the has beens top hotel 25,000 grand and not one of the feckers fit to lace the boots of our boys and girls out there.
Sorry for the rant just angry at the pathetic attention seeking pricks as for Ant and I need to be Decked I would love to double fist the pair of em - but sadly I know they would enjoy it
"Forced to watch..." man the feck up!
Smack your same sex partner, (Must be how could a woman control the Remote.) round the swadge and regain control of your sad life.
Either that or go for a walk, read a book, do a crossword anything but claim you're 'Forced' to watch owt. :evil:
Totally agree with the other sentiments expressed though, you saddo.
I'll give that rant a 9/10. Well done that man.

And the poor little darlings get £50,000 for doing one of those tasks that Jack would do for 7 pints and a kebab.
I think you have a great concept for a reality TV program, take 10 z-list celebs, and blindfold them, and fly them on a hercy bird to helmand, get them to do tasks, i.e eating poo, drinking the blood of a dead taliban, and see which ones goes mad at the end.

nominations in now pls

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