I'm 25 and have been unemployed for a number of years....

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nate_87, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm 25 so for better or worse, i'm probably slightly older than most potential recruits. I'm going to be honest here: I've been unemployed for a number of years.

    I am desperate to change my life.

    I will/would honestly accept any job in the navy - I know that isn't an attractive attitude as it is supposed to be a vocation and you should feel you were destined for this lifestyle/job etc. (at least until you leave the recruiting office.:thumbleft:)

    I was initially looking for RFA jobs but I dont think they are recruiting. I saw a news article about Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux (brave man). Under recruiting now it has 3 submariners positions and no surface fleet advertisments.

    Is the RN Submarine service under recruited??

    Is the marine engineering qualification applicable/convertable to civvy life? Seems a bit esoteric.

    Is the extra pay worth the sacrifces? Does the lack of sunlight and day/night cycle have an effect on you?

    Bit of a poofy question but how does one relax on board...6on/6off for weeks on end must be psychologically tiring? Its not like you can kick back with a beer and chill out after work.

    Many thanks.

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There's a long wait to join the Navy mate, you'll probably spend another 18 months or so on the dole. The Ninja will be along soon and give you clearer waiting times than I can but dont get your hopes up about changing your life any time soon via the RN.

    Dont know what the score is for Perce, they'll probably be quicker. As for the RAF I imagine you're after joining the Armed forces so we wont bother talking about them.

    Yep, you can kick back and have a beer.
  3. Welcome to Rum Ration, Nate.

    If you have a look here, you can see all the jobs available:

    Career Packs| Royal Navy

    Have a browse through that and see what appeals to you.

    Each job has a waiting time; how long your waiting time is depends on the job you choose. During that time, you will sit a psychometric test, take a fitness test, be interviewed etc. How well you do in the psychometric test will dictate which jobs are open to you, as each job has a required score attached to it. You can get a glimpse of what the test is like here:

    http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/sitecore/content/home/careers/how-to-join/interviews-and-tests/~/media/Files/CNR-PDFs/Test Book.pdf

    What kind of job would appeal to you most? Have you done jobs you enjoyed before? Which classes did you like best at school?

    PS At 25, you won't be older than most of the recruits; some will be some 10 years older than you.
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  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Unemployed up at half six in the morning. Either you've been up all night smoking the waccy baccy or shit the bed.

    If you're interested in marine engineering on submarines, they work a different routine from 6 on 6 off. And some might have a couple of beers after their watch.
  5. Marine Engineers on Submarines do 4 on 8 off don't they?
  6. Join the RNR

    You could always join the RNR 13 units and 3 sattelite units around the country you also get paid
  7. Thanks for the reply blobby. Ah thats a bit dissapointing to hear - I read on here somewhere that subs had an 8 month waiting time. I'm not actually on the dole. I've never claimed benefits. I do occasional cash in hand work and have no life. I'm hoping to get on one of those work placements with a local supermarket - anything to help increase my chances of a job, however slim. I just hope the job centre doesnt say I have to be officially on benefits for six months before I can apply to be a de-facto slave.

    The RAF is a fine institution and play an important role but being a civvy in the blue uniform is not the immersion I'm after. I checked about the army but they also have a lengthy waiting list unfortunetly.

    Thanks masterchief - (im a skyrim fan myself) I'll look into my local units (South Wales) but it's going to take alot more than a couple of adverts to change the perception of weekend warriors into something "kool" all because the government want to cut the numbers of fulltime service men and women and push people into TA/Reseves it being more economical etc.

    @ Witsend : Nah I dont shit my bed. I prefer to fill my pants...nice and soft to sit on where ever I go, a pants pillow if you will...gives a new meaning to scatter cusions!

    Thanks for all the replies.

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  8. Nate

    Why don't you give serious thought to applying? The waiting times vary - the 18 month wait quoted is just an example. Some jobs have shorter waits.

    If at the end of waiting there is a full-time job available, isn't it worth the wait?
  9. AFAIK steward is about the only SM branch that is less than 2 years. All others are way over so i'd get yourself in the AFCO pronto if you want to start the process and find out what the waits actually are. But don't just join any old branch with the shortest waiting time.
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  10. Back dafties do or did, 3 on 6 off 3 on 6 off 4 on 8 off if I remember rightly.
  11. Cheers soleil. Yes it is worth it. I applied for the RFA ages ago because they were recruiting (a guy about 6 miles down the road from myself got in - he'd previously been in the navy and sailed down after the falklands in 1983!) He'd applied months before me and I was told the next intake wouldnt be for quite a while so I stopped inquiring about it. If I had kept my hat in the ring I could be a much valued member of the RFA by now;-)

    I know the name of the game is all about deferred gratification, still, when your long term unemployed and all you do it work sporadically in a paper factory for a few weeks with people who have no teeth and come into work half cut.... two years of THAT future before you can begin your idea of a new life is very difficult to see...

    ...So the best possible outcome is waiting two years to wait on and clean up and look after my betters. Gawd. I cant deny that's taken the wind out of my sails.

    Thanks for the heads up rem3pt, I'll get the ball rolling asp.

    When the navy (ships and boats) are at sea does the crew get paid extra? (I read on the navy website it was £6 a day but cannot find the page)

    Also how often are you required to be on duty - when discussing the RFA they said it would be a sea for roughly 7 months a year. Is it similar in the surface and submarine fleet?

    Cheers to any replies.

  12. Correctomundo, fwd ME's or outside staff (Wrecking crew) watchkeep fwd and do 6 on 6 off same as all the others who work in the crumple zone.
  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer


    Get your arse along to HMS CAMBRIA the RNR unit in Sully. Two reasons: Firstly, you'll get a taste of what the RN is like, remember its just a taste but you can get too work with the RN and that can only help, secondly once you're in the RNR the guys along there are fantastic and have contacts - when I was down there we used to help people get better jobs all the time, its another way of meeting people with the same values and getting along.

    There are lots of positives about the RNR and whilst it does have the weekend warrior image still, once you've got some training done and in your case that could be quite quick, you can work with the RN and get paid a decent wage.

    Daft not to!

    Now go and get ready to go along! and get your RN application in once you've considered which branch. No reason why you can't do the two together.
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