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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sledgehammer, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Get yer hand orf me leg.
    Hi folks, another newbie to have a go at. An ancient mariner who was put ashore early. It were the guns you see, too bloody noisy for a start. Did 10 years on proper ships and shore establishments. When the grandchildren show me how to work this thing I'll fill in my details.
  2. Oh my, what a muscular leg you have :oops:

    Hey and welcome to RR!
  3. Welcome to the RR cybership. Enjoy meandering through our virtual messdecks, but please keep that sledgehammer hidden or you might get volunteered for de-icing the cyberfridge.
  4. Thanks for the intro. Somebody put me on this net and i couldn't get off. when the details turn up you'll see i'm on the Isle of Wight.Ex pusser,old enough to have tasted the tot.
  5. Welcome Sledgehammer , once you get into it you'll soon get to know us all , loads of banter , good laugh , :p :D ,
  6. hello.....

    can i ask u a question did u sleep on hamooks..

    haha only messin...
  7. Welcome aboard oppo. Like you I am a SOB left over from the Cold War. Some of the moderators get all tender and hurt when us 8 badgemen bang on about the Golden days of the 50s/60s/70s when we had both fleets and a Empire/Commonwealth of overseas bases to go to. If you are a TROG then Ganges is referred to as the G-Spot outside the History page again they get all bitter and twisted because they had to go to Raleigh.

    AAC is our resident civvie and conscience with access to vast amounts of research material.


    PS Pooley after 3.5 years in the mob 2.5 years sleeping in ahammock I had to join submarines to get a bunk. Then, being the OD, I shared it with the spuds, gash bins and a Mk 8 torpedeo.
  8. Welcome to the madhouse, have fun.


    PS Pooley, I slept in a hammoch too, they were quite common in my days. We even had classes on how to rig and stow them.

  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I used hammocks, on my first two ships, I think they were still in use up to around 1970?
  10. Welcome aboard Sledgehammer.

    You're only a day newer than I am. Some of these threads have had me in stitches already, and a lot of memories brought back too.

    Fill yer boots.
  11. Thanks guys for inviting me in. Not often the reg. branch gets invited anywhere ha ha. Yes, I slept in hammocks and fell out drunk as well.when I joined the ships were made of wood and the men were made of steel, nowadays it's the other way round.
  12. Its was a long time ago, I will forgive you for being a Reg if you will forgive me for being a scabby sludgemariner.

    My picture shows me ready for Captain S/M's Divisions at Dolphin

  13. I'll forgive you Nutty,many wouldn't. maybe I sent you for a haircut in dolphin and kept your card just for laughs.Leave RPOs were rotten sods.
  14. Always thought you looked smart enough for divions Nutty , :D :D
  15. I heard that HMS Bristol (type 82 sitting at Excellent) was the first ship to have bunks rather than hammocks, not sure if there's any truth in that. :roll:
  16. Funny thing isn't it. I actually slept on a bunk before a hammock. Joined Ark Royal for two months dockyard workups A killick plus 8, all in 4M2 mess. nobody knew we were there. All we did was take the docky orificers a cup of tea at 7 in the morning, Make their beds at 8 the rest of the day was ours. Spent mostly trying to find the messdeck.
  17. They had bunks on the old Daring class destroyers but not for everyone.
    You got issued a hammock and a choice of the campbed fittings or the clews -------I chose the clews ---- micks are magic especially in roughers.

    In those days they were still listed for use in Damage Control -----good for filling in holes etc.
  18. I remember it well.We used to go back to the mess after a damage control exercise and the mick would be hacky mucky dorty. Before you could turn inyou had to strip and do it up again.
  19. 1971/72 HMS Rapid still had hammocks & Open Stokehole boilers with airlocks, think she was the last (unless Cavalier had them). Operating from Rosyth as Tiffs :) training boat followed by HMS Eastbourne (she had hammocks at one time as well....................unless they build ships with the Firemain running through the middle of the fixed bunks).
    The Hunts (minehunter tupperwear) had what were pointed out as hammock bars fitted.............mind you they had so many faults carried over from the Ton Class I think the drawings may have been mixed at one time. :?
  20. Cavalier certainly had 3 drum boilers, don't know whether the hammocks had gone by then or not.


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