I'll kick out 4,000 foreign prisoners, vows Brown

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Yet another soundbite. By the time the legal vultures have draw it out they will never leave and we shall end up paying them thousands in compensation (as well as the solicitors fees) for their distress over it all....
    But, at least it is a soundbite in the right direction which will take the wind out of the BNP and suchlikes sails.. :thumright:
  2. Lets call it what it should be mate, deportation. Quite f'in right too.

    If you're Joe Foreigner, and you commit a crime in the U.K. we don't friggin want you, so go to jail, do the time, then piss off and NEVER come back.

  3. Probably because no one has any confidence in the Home Office actually getting them from the prison gate to the plane.
  4. My view is, why send them to jail, fine them all the assets they have in this country and deport them on completion of the trial.
  5. I think I can hear the WW and the Matrix Chambers sharpeening their pencils for all the 'Human Rights' claims about to emerge.... !!
  6. A saving on the food bill at the remand centre's then? :thumright:
  7. But surely these poor souls would be at risk if sent back home!! :w00t:
  8. If they arrive illegally, put them on the plane home the same day before they get the opportunity to go and see the Human Rights scum suckers...

    If they want to enter the country legally, then perhaps listen to them fairly

    Surely a practical way to send a message of how we deal with ILLEGAL immigration
  9. Cherie Blair and her lawyer team cannot wait until he tries to do it. her husbands european HR bill that would not affect us (REALLY) will let them make millions in compensation.
  10. Would of thought that with lack of clean safe drinking water and the floods here, they would be at bigger risk, wonder what happens if one of the detention centres get close to flood waters - open the doors and let them out or weld the gates shut ???

  11. What would they rather have trouble at home or a visit from the local BNP heavies???

  12. Just for once.......just for f*ck*ng once Mr Brown, do as you say and get the bastards out of the UK. Don't listen to the prevarications of the Human Rights lawers.
    What about my Human Rights to earn a living wage and not be taxed to death and see it all frittered away on some tw*t hell bent on screwing as much as he/she can out of the taxpayer for as long as he/she can.
    Do they benefit us in any way? Nope....then bye bye! Deport them back to the first democratic country they must have passed through to get to The Promised Land to start their scrounging, their thieving, their anti social behaviour and and and and.............fadump....right off me soap box now....calm down, calm down, deep breath, in out, in out, one two three four five......and relax...ahhhhhhhh! AND ANOTHER THING!!!!
  13. Stand for MP,You'll get my vote!
  14. Why should we as tax payers fund the stay of illegal/foriegn criminals. This could be a big vote winner for Mr B.
  15. Couldnt we just give them a simple decision

    Return to your country of birth OR we send them to the penal colonies of old..
  16. I'm with a few of the others on here. I really want to see Mr Brown put his money where his mouth is. After all, he would score twice with an initiative like that. First - getting rid of foreign criminals who don't deserve to stay here if they can't abide by our laws and second, freeing up much needed space in our prison system so we can begin to deal with others who have no respect for the law.

    Win win situation for him and if the legal bods complain, they can be invited to carry the baggage of those being "returned" to their point of origin.

    Realistically he won't achieve it. Lawyers run the country, not politicians, and it is arguable who costs us more. Every attempt to return foreign criminals will cost time and money and results are far from guaranteed.

    Nice sentiment. Shame it won't come to anything.


  17. It would be preferable for the Legal bods to accompany them to their destination. They would then be able to assist them in fighting their extradition from country of origin.

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