IISS argues for Franco-British Military cooperation

HMG has been continually pushing for more commitment from certain NATO members where Afghanistan is concerned with little or no success and I doubt if this report will have any impact on the current situation. The bottom line being that these countries who will not step up to the mark want to be NATO members but do not want the responsibility that goes with that membership.
Dammed Germans start two world wars and now don't want to play, shame as they are good soldiers and we could do with them on the front line.
The Boxheads are also good Sailors and Airmen. Since the USSR dissolved, they seem to have become rather afraid of showing their military strength and capability. The Nips (OK, not Europeans) could be argued to be rather similar.

Is the IISS proposing that France and Britain should be more "unified" or that we should join in pointing out the poor showing of others? If this is another point to a United States of Europe Defence Force, then I think they must lose some of their credibility.

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