Ignual Hernia effect my eligibility to join the RN?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by john_wizard, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys (an gals) am new to all this forum stuff and would like to know...

    If I have had hernia repair surgery am I still elegible for entry into the RN.

    I had got in the RN 2 years back (when I never had the hernia). But left it to continue eductation. Now I regret it like, lol.
  2. Don't quite understand your question - when did you have the op?

    Irrelevant anyway - if it's fixed then it's fixed! Shouldn't be a problem.
  3. When did you leave the RN? During basic? During trade training? Just curious, it may have an effect on your application again, or it may not.

    Anyway, if the hernia is fixed and you haven't had any problems, then can't see a reason to why it would effect your application, as long as you are honest. However, if the op has been very recently, you may need a letter from your doctor, saying all is well.

    p.s. just saying the above as a friend had a hernia op, when she went to apply with the RN, she was asked to obtain a letter from her GP, stating she was fine and that was within a year of her op.
  4. Nice one guys. I had the operation about 5 weeks ago but I don't plan on applying again untill late this year.

    I didn't sign the dotted line but I was givin the date to....... 5th November 2006.
  5. Jenny. If your pal had an inguinal hernia, she must be quite a girl.

  6. Wont be a drama mate. Ive had two (left side at 6 months old and right side at 18 years old). As long as youve given it time to rest, you should be able to build up again without issue and it wont be a problem in your medical.

    Remember its a breakdown in your abdominal wall, so slowly start increasing you abdominal work and aim to build a strong set of abs/strong core. This will hopefully help prevent a reoccurrence.
  7. Fascinating. I thought it was something completely different. My understanding was that I was taking antiacids as a result of oesophagul reflex caused by an inguinal hernia which is inoperable.... clearly that isn't the case! :lol:
  8. Best you check this out if you think women are immune to inguinal hernia.


    Indirect inguinal hernia: This hernia happens when part of an organ, intestine or tissue from your abdomen falls into the inguinal canal. The inguinal canal is a tube-shaped passage that goes through the wall of your lower abdomen. In women, this passage holds tissue that helps hold the uterus in place. In men, this passage allows the testicles to drop into the scrotum before birth. If this passage does not close right, things from the abdomen can fall through this area. In men, this kind of hernia is usually found in the scrotum (sac that holds the testicles). In women, the hernia may be felt in the labia (outer folds of skin near the vagina).

    Score JD 1 POL 0
  9. Nothing to do with New Labia(r) then! ;)
  10. I dread growing up and putting aside my schoolboy humour.

  11. What!! You mean, you're thinking of growing up :dwarf:

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