Is it possible to ignore a mods posts ( I have tired but no joy), I appreciate they have jobs to do but I just don't want to see some of his banal drivel


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The normal way of doing this is clicking on their avatar and a load of information comes up. One of the things there is "Ignore" click on that.

I'm gathering you have tried this with no joy?
BR thats what I have done, it goes to ignore but when I close the window the posts are still there and when I check the ignore button again it has reverted to its original state.


BCO. It says he is on ignore but his posts still appear.:(
I know it's not a solution to the site function but: Can you not just ignore whoever it is in the genuine sense of the word?

I've never really got the ignore function, except where the RSS feed is concerned.
I tried putting myself on ignore as I normally post shite, it hasn't worked because I can still see what I'm typing!!!
That’s because you were a clanky, they ignored you back aft so you came fwd and were ignored there as well, so you are so used to being ignored it is just normal to you?:p