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Ignore me please

Good for you SF old bean, about time we celebrated our britishness what what, even if it starts from doing small things like joining a queue. From the humblest of beginnings..... 8O
Joined a queue two weeks ago cause everyone else was in it and ended up with beer tokens from the yanks. Sometimes it can be really worth while!

Standards in queueing are slipping, had to drop my mum of at Stansted airport on Saturday and there was not a single decent queue. Would take a platoon of GIs to sort that mess out.
BeerBad said:
Only way you could be centre of the universe is if you had sufficient mass so your gravitational pull would cause all objects to orbit around you. Your call.

I'm still waiting for RC to respond to this challenge... obviously too busy being a Chinky Cock Chewer! :lol:

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