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If you're not a BIG sponsor - the f*ck right off.


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The Olympic Act of 2006, which the government of the time had to pass as a condition of hosting the Games, makes it a criminal offence (and a potential £20,000 fine) for anyone who is not an official sponsor to capitalise commercially from the event. Olympic enforcement officers have begun patrolling around venues nationwide to ensure traders are not illegally associating themselves with the Games. Locog will enforce the act across the country to protect the intellectual copyright of words such as "gold", "Games", "2012", "summer" and "London". "The standard practice is to issue a warning letter, but in blatant breaches or where the company refuses to co-operate we take it seriously," a Locog spokesperson said. Locog has raised £700 million from selling official branding rights to 55 companies and are particularly vigilant about protecting those rights. The International Olympic Committee is equally sensitive about illegal use of the Olympic rings and the ring colours. However, concerns have been raised that trading standards officials are applying licensing rules too strictly. Those penalised include a florist in Stoke who was told to take down five rings and a torch made from tissue paper and a butcher in Dorset who was ordered to remove some sausage rings that resembled the Games Olympic rings.
In fairness anyone buying an official Olympic license would have paid a shitload of money so they'll be happy no ones allowed to undercut them or sell dodgy Olympic knock offs.

That said, there needs to be a bit of common dog applied if people like the local butchers are getting behind the games and are promoting them through their wares.


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No common sense here Blobs, butcher trading in Weymouth, told to take down his display or face prosecution
Yep, I dont doubt it Janner, what I'm saying is common dog should be applied, not is being applied. :)

The IOC gets twitchy at the thought of anyone making money out of the games without them getting a kickback, I think they got the hump with everyone once the scandal of host countries bribing or "gross entertaining" the officials or what ever the phrase was back in the 80's to gain hosting rights came to light. They've had a sense of humour failure ever since about anyone but themselves making a few bucks out of the games.


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Saw on the news a couple of months back a small cafe/ restaurant called "Cafe Olympic " for 20 years+ was told to change its name or face prosecution. They covered the O so its now the "Cafe Lympic "
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