If youre joining submarine service what type of submarine will you be on 1st?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Submarinerjoey, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. If you're joining submarine service as a steward or chef and pass all the stages and interview and then complete all your training. What type of submarine are you most likely to go on? Please can anyone help
  2. a Black one, you may have some choice as to where you go Faslav or Guzz, you may have some choice as to vessel type, only time will tell, you may be sent to a shore darft awaiting your first sea draft?

    Maybe not the answere you wanted but the Navy will look at your requests and if it can will comply, but will send you where they need you most
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  3. try to avoid faslane and bombers
  4. Why avoid bombers? Genuine question - i'm joining up.
    Don't think Faslane can be avoided though, aren't all boats going to be based there from 2015?
  5. Wouldnt know, Faslane is only second to 1945 Hiroshima as a crap run ashore and bombers, imagine watching a Big brother for the rest of your life, at first you may think, this is interesting but pretty soon you'll want to top yourself
  6. Faslavatory will be the only place for boats in, as you say, 2015. As to what class of boat you go to will either be SSBN or SSN. Personally I'd have gone mental if I'd had a bomber as they're terminally boring but for a chef, cooking a cheesey hammy eggy is the same on either class, likewise if you're a steward, a wardroom carpet is a wardroom carpet, whatever hull is fitted around it.
  7. In answering the OP's question, you can request to serve on either but it's up to drafty where you end up (normally the opposite to what you've asked for) and you can go from class to class once qualified.
  8. Well I can't wait to join and am pretty sure that I want to work on the bombers based in Faslane :)
  9. In the past if you requested Bombers you got them
  10. Don't believe it Faslane is an excellent run ashore, close to hand you have the outstanding night life of Dumbarton, Alexandria to name but two, then slightly further away is the buzzing metropolis of Glasgow.
  11. Arrrg Jim lad, the days of the old adage 'Join the Navy and see the world' are long gone. sadly.
    I would suggest that you put in a preference for SSNs, that will give you the chance to experience a closer knit comraradie and
    a good chance of overseas port visits.
    If you are a family man you could then opt for SSBNs were you have a more scheduled routine for leave and deployment and with luck a port visit to Florida now and then.
    Spent the last 12 yrs of my 23 in Faslane and enjoyed every minute of it.
  12. Like going up to the town hardnut and asking for a smack in the mouth, and just as fulfilling. Bomber life, leave the side, go down Gareloch, hang a right, head for Ireland, when off Irelend dive, hide in Atlantic for x months, surface off Ireland, head for Clyde, hang a left, tie up, repeat ad infinitum.
  13. Just one point of order your user name, I think most submariners’ current or ex will agree, you are not a submariner until you have qualified and been given your Dolphin's until then you are a trainee or more commonly a spog, but as you are still a civy you are none of the above.
    I loved people who volunteered for faslav as that left fewer drafts for me; they got me once by base port changing the whole boat, the next time they tried to shore draft me there, I volunteered for early out of turn to sea for a Guzz boat, but if your doomed to run from North of the border from 2015 good luck, if you like sport you will not see any English sport unless they are playing the Scots or you have sky or similar.
  14. As you may have guessed by the Pirate speak TomO is deranged, this is atributed to going native and affects those who spend years in Faslane, it can be cured by bringing the poor soul back to civilisation but care must be taken as they can go completely mad, see Rumrat posts.
  15. Learn to speak Scottish, get a hankering for fish suppers, fights and almost permanent rain.Oh! And if them Scotch twerps STILL use their own paper money...DO NOT bring any back to England with you.....they don't fu**ing like 'em.

    Meanwhile......here's a photograph of what you could have won if you had a time machine and could go back to Gosport in the 20th Century:-


    (I'm on the one in the centre-front 3.That one with different lump on the front)

    Ohhhhh....and this is what a Valiant-class SSN looked like when leaving Faslane, steaming by AFD 60, with an elephant in the casing party:-

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  16. Dont forget scotch pies
  17. Pints of heavy, either 70 bob or 80 bob. Shame they scraped the Imps carpet up, been stuck to that many a time!
  18. Ok thanks that gives me a much better insight. I'm an optimistic person so i would be happy to get posted to either .Thanks to all for the replies and advice.
  19. Get your mum to put black-out curtains on the windows in the kitchen, put a portable (small) bed under the kitchen table, sleep on that for six hours (in the pitch black), put the tumble drier on a timer so it flashes up every couple of hours or so, and have your kid sister clump through the kitchen, opening the fridge door at irregular intervals. Also, turn off the central heating and remain in the same underpants for the duration of this exercise. After six hours, get up and go and sit on the toilet (having swapped the light bulb for a red neon tube) for six hours (you may leave for a cup of tea every now and then), and then go back to your bed under the table and (if you have a pet dog) wake up the dog who you stuffed into the sleeping bag you vacated and then get in and get your head down for a bit. Repeat this evolution for about four weeks and then we'll see what kind of stuff you're made of.
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  20. Just remembered, life is exciting for a chef on Bombers, when the intruder alarm goes off, you get to run through the boat waving your chopper

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