Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. 1. Share some with the family.
    2. Tell my DO to stuff detachments to Afghanistan, don't need the operational bonus anymore!
    3. Go to all the best run's ashore again only 5* this time.
    4. Buy my 4 year old a house now, as I don't think a lottery win will be enough when she is old enough!
  2. Take my family to a clothes shop, doesn't matter which one.
    Buy clothes "for travelling".
    Buy tickets and hotel bookings for my family in Oz.
    Buy house in Oz.
    Phone DHE (Or whatever crap name that crap company is calling itself at the moment).
    Tell them they'd better get someone round to empty the MQ.
    Phone my DO and give him the biggest raspberry I could muster ;)

    Seriously, get out ASAP and eff off out of this country.
    To Australia. :)
  3. Having had a good life, retired in a place i like, no debts whatsover, probably piss it up against the wall having bought my wife a new frock, the white one is getting a bit worn now.
  4. 1) Buy a decent sized bungalow somewhere that's cool throughout the year.

    2) Sell present home and invest proceeds.

    3) Give portion on remainder to sister.

    4) Create a Trust Fund to enable me to tax efficiently donate to good causes and fund primary research into Klinefelter syndrome.

    5) Invest the rest to provide me with a reasonable annual income.

    6) Buy an old conventional submarine and have it semi-submerged in my back garden, the interior stripped and convert it into a minimalist guest house for when I have visitors! :D I'd keep the stokehold intact, of course, so any special Stoker guests would feel at home in their ovvies! :twisted: :D
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Get fcuk faced for a while.
    Drive past charities flashing my wad.
    Entertain the idea of getting a peerage then stich the begging cnuts up.
    Have a harem.
    Get skull fcuked some more.
  6. Get absolutely Bat Faced, but, first I suppose I'd better tell the wife :wink:
  7. Depending on the amount.......
    Buy a home abroad.
    Pay of my debts.
    Give to a substantial amount to my important charities.
    Invest an amount to provide long term security.
    Then tell work to f*@k off.......and move to my new home abroad. :p :lol:
  8. 1. Go into work and hand notice in (1Month)
    2. Work notice and provide all workmates with one stonker of a party
    3. Upon leaving work book into health farm for a month
    4. Upon leaving health farm go out and buy small house on a hill with sea views also with at least 50 acres around it
    5. Tell my sister who had the incredibly bad taste to move in to the house directly across the road from me what I really think of her (Thats another dit)
    6. If the rest of my family give me grief for 5. then give them the right royal Fcuk off.
    6. Buy a new boat - a 16' daysailer just aint big enough.
    7. Do charity work - got a few ideas but not sure yet
    8. Create a trust fund for Nephews and Niece
    9. Create a trust fund for sponsoring starving folk
    10. Create a trust fund to finance the assination of Big-Time drug Dealers
    11. Stand for local council as an independent candidate

    Thats all for now but i'll let you all know if I think of any more :lol:
  9. Probably die of heart failure!

    Had four wins this month on the premium bonds pity they where just fifty quids but the eggscitement was awesome!!! It is nice that letter arriving from Glasgow. I hear so many say it could be the million. Every month over one and a half million people win fifty quid so no need to start dreaming if you ever drop on a fifty. But it does pay more than the bank and the money is still there when you want it back.

    First thing you need to do if you win the lottery is say FA all you have to think of your family who wants to be reunited with a member of the family piece at a time
  10. Sounds like a plan :p can I join you?
  11. Probably die of alchohol poisoning after 6 months and leave the winnings to my dog.
  12. Buy the navy some ships !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. But a boat called "Foul Range" and ar*e around in the FOST areas in the middle of any gunnery serials. Oh yes and then drive up and down the centre line of the Mineswept Channel every Thursday am. - Yes I am that sad!
  14. Read the 264's of a few people I unfortunately have to work with, then a finger salute or two, and off with my other half out of a fast becoming a dictatorship of a country to enjoy a life of ease ........ I hope !

  15. Attending a current affairs lecture sometime in the late fifties, the ossifer giving the lecture asked the question"What would you do if you won a large amount of money on the pools?" Lots of silly answers(we were all very bored, but it was better than working) , but the best one came form my mate Scouse, who said" I'd buy another Navy, and fight this bastard!"
  16. I'm afraid....seriously afraid 8O
    I would take Wet Blobby out on a date!!! :p
  17. welll ....we can all dream so why not
    make sure all my family and close freinds had a good share... and they had some fun tooo.
    then give to a few charities..
    then go to america and have me a momy make over.........mmm get it all niped an tucked..and reduced.....
    and then get so pissed that ......... well i would show every one my new body... :twisted: :twisted:
    oh yeah mmgo private and have my gall stones removed coz they are raly anoying me now....lol
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Hey pinta why wait? do you think I'm so shallow I'd only be interested if you had money....got a pulse haven't you?

    I must warn you I haven't got blue eyes..more like bloodshot. :lol:
  19. God Damn it Blobs!! LOL You haven't got blue eyes??? Well if I win the lottery will take you out on a date, to the opticians and will buy you a pair! xx :)
  20. I like the sound of No 10.........

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