If you were Dictator

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by neaters, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Enough of this boring stuff

    Assuming you were made Prime Minister (Dictator) tomorrow
    what actions would you take to put our country back on its feet.
  2. Invite the BNP to be my cabinet.

    Make it an offence to belong to the Labour & Tory parties.
  3. Put enough bobbies on the beat to make crime of any kind an unattractive proposition, withdraw from Europe and reinstitute national fishing limits, do away with the compensation culture that pervades our country and put all the human rights industry to doing something productive - like providing an eficient sewage system for the country. I could go on for about a week on this, but let someone else continue............
  4. Bring back hanging?
  5. Overhaul the social security system. Don't work don't get benefits. If you are not employed then community service will be required to collect benefits.
  6. Get rid of the Human Rights lawyers, EC directive implementation officials, Traveller Liaison Officers, Education system meddlers, NHS managers, Red Tape lovers, introduce community service projects for the chavs, travellers and long term unemployed etc etc

    "You won't get a proper democracy until you start shooting a few people" - Alf Garnett
  7. How about this

    If you haven't served in the armed forces you can't be an MP
  8. Mr Broon,
    if you're listening, take heed.............
  9. I'd like to make people care - stop them wandering around with their lug holes full of mindless pap that leaves them in a semi-drugged state - care about themselves, care about other people, with a sense of responsibility not just mindlessly consuming all the latest trickery.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I wouldn't take the job, because I know - despite all the rhetoric and 'armchair politics' spouted by many critics - no-one here could do the job any better than those entrusted with the job.

    Point in question: there is another thread here about the ex-CO of HMS Argyll. Many comments have been made, split either side of the "it was the CO's fault" or "he was let down by the HODs". But no-one here suggested that they could do the Skippers' job any better than the officer in question. Why? Because we really know how hard it really the job is (despite the trophies of rank and position it comes with). Now replace the title "Commanding Officer" with "Prime Minister" and think about it again... :roll:
  11. Round up the BNP and inter them.
  12. Nice thought Sgt P - however (big word) - most of us out here have no political affiliation (as far as I can see), so we aren't tied by the tenets of political party doctrine or loyalty, and can say what we believe in - regardless of how non PC it is - if the politicos want to know how the country feels, let them look on sites like this - for one thing, some of them might learn a little bit about defence from those who wore a uniform of whatever hue, and the military ethos that goes with it....
  13. Regardless of how impractical it is, regardless of how pointless it is, regardless of how damaging it would really be to the state of the country in a globalised economy or regardless of how fundamentally stupid it is.

    Crack on
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Totally understand that ethos; it seems that MPs (and perhaps some other executive professionals) begin their careers with all good intentions but become deluded, cynical, apathetic or influenced by others, and loose sight of their original quest.

    So, posing the question: is it the fault of the individual or the system they works for?

    :? :roll:
  15. Sgt P

    In describing our MP's you forgot the word Greedy
  16. The system has to take the majority of the blame, because they indoctrinate the individual into believing the crap they churn out. Having said that, I voted for Dr David Owen after he left the Labour Party, because he was a good consticuency MP, regardless of his party connections. On the other hand, the only truly MP who stood up for what HE believed in, and contributed his MPs pay when the bucket was passed around during the Miners strike was Dennis Skinner: when the Miners marched through London, all the old dears in SW 1 and adjoinng areas LOVED him, because he told it the way it was for the miners. I was in London at the time. A few more honest men like that, and the House of Nonsense might be worth while listening to - more's the pity after the next election he will retire - what was the film called "A few honest men " ??
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Another exeption to the rule of course was Tony Benn (the best Prime Minister we never had!), who retired from Parliament to (in his own words):
    Ex-FAA pilot based at HMS Daedalus in WWII too... :thumbright:
  18. MP's can only represent the consistancy they were born in. MP's must be present at every Parliamentary sitting and vote their conscience. If that means living in London for months and months then so be it. THEY want to represent us! Give MP's £1 million pounds pay per year. Out of that they will have to fund their own accomodation and pay researchers and all other expenses.
    No MP to EVER be given a front bench or Cabinet job unless they have prior experience of that department or job concerned. NO MP can take any board of directors job connected to anything that said MP had dealings with for FIVE years after leaving office! (no feathering nests).
    EVERY single point of entry into the UK to be manned by Customs and Excise officers and every single bag,boot, body and whatnot searched for drugs......NO exceptions NONE!
    The Human Rights Law to be scrapped and be replaced by Common Sense Law. The English legal system to be overhauled and updated. All anachronisms to be got rid of, I'm talking of the words M'lud and those stupid bloody wigs here!......................I could go on and on but I see you all glazing over...................................HA! We've fought off the EU over Imperial weights and measures though (for now.......don't take your eyes of them, they'll be back)!!!! SO yeah Imperial weights and measures and miles should be writ large on all signs in England. Newspapers and TV presenters should be discouraged (banned, from using kilometres, I know what a kilometre is. It is a thousand metres. One metre is the distance light travels in one nano second. I just can't imagine a kilometre and I can imagine one mile) I don't care what they want to do in Scotland or Wales, I'm English!
    I'm banging on again......this is fun!!!!
  19. I'm ENGLISH too, are we going to send all the Scottish MP's back over the border to sit in their own parliament "or is it an assembly."
  20. Do people in England believe what our MPs or anyone else in authority tells us these days? Take the Northern Rock fiasco, The FSA, Chancellor, Bank of England, and Broon, tells us that the bank is as safe as houses, and what does the English citizen (subject) do? queue up all day to remove thier money, weve been lied to time and time again by those who control us that no one believes a word they say anymore, Broons slack running of the economy is now comming home to roost. If I was dictator of England my first attack would be quangos and consultants quickly followed by inhabitants of oxbridge, all a drag on the ration strength and a bunch of traitors and pinkoes.

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