If you want to join the RFA can you answer the following:


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1) where does the RFA currently operate?

2) What does FSS and MSS stand for? (this question has been updated Oct 2021)

3) How many Tide class tankers are there?

4) how many RFA ships are there currently?

5) How would you know if a picture shows a tanker?

6) How long is an RFA Cadetship?

7) how long is an RFA apprenticeship?

8) What branches are there in the RFA?

9) when was the RFA formed?

10) How many people are in the RFA?

11) What is Solid Support?

12) what are the daily duties for the role you are applying for?

13) Why does the RFA deploy a ship to the Caribbean?

14) Do RFA personnel do Merchant Navy training or Royal Navy Training?

15) Where does the RFA train it's personnel?

16) What ranks does the RFA have?

17) Which departments do watchkeeping?

18) Where is RFA HQ based?

19) Where are RFA ships based in the UK?

20) What is the highest rank in the RFA and who holds that position?

21) What is the RFA retirement age?

22) What type of pension do RFA employees get?

23) What is the starting salary for an apprentice and a cadet?

24) What is the qualifying salary for an someone who has just completed an apprenticeship?

25) Why do you want to join the RFA? - If you can not answer that one think again....

have a look on twitter- @RFAHeadquarters for useful info and pictures of what ships are doing currently.
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I went for my sift interview and pretty much every question on this list was asked, it helped me out a lot. Just wanted to bring some attention to it again for anyone else thinking of joining. Thanks RFA at HMS Raleigh !


@RFA at HMS Raleigh (couldn’t find where to ask this) I’m just wondering about the move to worthy down and if it is likely that chef training due to start at Raleigh in jan will change location? Thank you


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