If you own a horse the BWO has to look after it?


Heard from an oppo today but surely he's got me on a bite? Can't find it in a BR / JSP

While I'm at it, couldn't find anything about men being allowed to have a ponytail if they tar it, another myth that may have been true a long-time ago I assume?
Still trotting along on the subject of horses, when R. Adm. GI Pritchard* was the Captain of SMOPs, HMS DRYAD, he was known to attend Divisions astride his horse, probably stabled in the extensive grounds there.

Headlined 'Ready for the Portland Race' see the story & photo in the Navy News of April 1977 of that Admiral (as FOST) being greeted by yet another horse aboard HMS HERMES: Pages 14 & 15 at https://issuu.com/navynews/docs/197704

*Having joined the RN as an HO ordinary seaman he certainly jumped a few fences in his long and interesting career, see wiki etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwynedd_Pritchard


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When I saw this thread, I thought he had an epiphany, and he meant house not horse, pusser used to look after your house if drafted foreign

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