If you join at 16 do you still get sent into afghanstan?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Peter_G, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. If you join at 16 do you still have to wait till your 18 to get sent into combat?
  2. The Corps (Well the Junior Ranks of it anyhoo) invented Naked Roll Mat Fighting to overcome this issue, now Junior Marines (Or whatever they call the tashless youths in the Corps today) can get all the blood and snot they want round the back of the gym after a few sherbets while the rest of the Troop/Company/Unit cheer them on.

    Seriously by the time you go through the recruitment process, medical, PRMC, Training etc you'll be closer to 17-17 1/2.
    If and when you get that far you will be given your choices of Units (1st 45 Cdo, 2nd 40 Cdo, etc), the Units near future plans ie a Year to 18 Months Tours, Ops, exercises will be known by your Training Team so you will be able to opt for a Unit that is off to Hot and Dry places if that is your choice, in say 6 Months after you have finished training so you'll be about 18 then.

    Why so desperate to get to grips with Terry Teliban or Osama Bin Laden?
    Do you suffer from some incurable disease that is going to stop you from saving the Western World before your 18th Birthday?
    As the biggest cheesemaker in New Zealand says about it's product. "Good things take time.", this applies to your sex life and serving in the Armed Forces too.
  3. I didn't say I did or didn't want to fight at 16, I was just wondering.
  4. Your 15 or 16? It's past your bedtime, off you trot.
  5. You have to be 18 by law to go to war, so yeah you're going to have to wait :)
  6. I can hear the cogs in parliament whirling and knowing the money grabbing crap Broon comes up with, they are probably thinking to
    send recruits to do their training on the front line, then if anything happens
    to them, the government wont have wasted money on training.

    If they aren't working on that idea, I bet it's crossed their minds.
  7. What a great idea! :dwarf:
  8. i knew of at least 3 17 year olds during the Falklands war and a 16 year old who was shipped back from ascension, I personally think 21 should be the age of going into combat it saddens me when you hear of 19 year old casualtys in Afghanistan and Iraq
  9. If you're old enough to join the Armed Forces your old enough to go into combat is my personal opinion. What is the point of joining up at 16 if you can't do what you are trained to do because you're not old enough.
  10. Where do you stop??? Only single over 21 years old. No married personnel with dependants. Anyone over 40 too old, must be sent to warm office.
    18 is the age by law you are seen as an adult ( i know lots of 40 years old who are no where near that maturity :w00t: )

    I agree under 18 too young over 18 you take the pay :money: and take the consequences. Should we be there ?? now there is another topic :thumright:
  11. Maybe starting the joining process, ie interviews PRMC etc before 17th Birthday so you vcan begin training at 17.

    The argument is that only 'adults' ie men and women over 18 who have the vote and who can therefore have some say in the election of those who will be sending them off to war ie Members of Parliament.

    I think the days where young drummer boys can be sent off to 'Die for Queen and Country' are perhaps, like sending children down the pits or up chimneys, best not revisited.

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