If you have a Landy Defender.............

To quote from Crocodile Dundee, that's not a Landrover.............

View from the press: Top Gear review the Kahn Defender | Kahn News | Kahn Design

THIS is Landrover!

Now mine is a bit Gucci-fied - Road Rage grille, all white NAS lights, Beo Wulf bumperettes and some internal Mud stuff etc, but this Kahn one is just pure dead brilliant, as we say.

So, I need a lottery win or are there any Nigerians willing to give me a share of a bank heist?
Landys are fantastic, reliable vehicles. It's obvious why the UN rely on them for pretty much everything, doing some of the most demanding off roading on Earth.

Oh wait,

Sorry I was thinking of something else:

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