If you had to have a disease what would you choose

Piss, fcuk, shit, wanker, cnut nig*ger (yes they get away with that) it would have to be Tourettes, they get hot chicks, get away with fcuking murder and really are funny as fcuk yet the stupid bastards complain.
If not that then Elephantiasis but only if it effects my cock!!
Not been on here for a while, some punters on here are so far up there arses they've got shit on their noses.


A spaz hand like Beadle. Not only would touching people with it amuse me but it would increase my chances of being an Olympian.

I'd rob post boxes with it too.
any sexual transmitted:frustrated:, at least I would then know I had sex in resent times but I would forget where I got it:clown:

Hi Stan the Man
I'd like to have one of them diseases that makes Nick Knowles and all them builders, electricians, gas fitters, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers and bricklayers rock up to your house and do everything for **** all.....sometimes they send Melinda Messenger round the shops to blag loads of good stuff for you for nowt as well. Just moved and this house needs some major alterations....so - what do I need to catch to get it all done for free?
Be fcuking great being a steward serving up dinner in the wardroom here you are you fat fcuking turd hope it wank, cock, piss dribble, poisons you and leave the fcuking kids alone

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