If you had done this you would have been lifted.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. A judge was subjected to a tirade of abuse in his own courtroom earlier in the week as he jailed an Al Qaeda-inspired Muslim woman for attempting to assassinate an MP. Islamist protesters harangued Mr Justice Cooke from the public gallery at the Old Bailey, shouting 'Allahu akbar' ('God is great'), 'British go to hell' and 'Curse the judge'.

    The outbursts came as Roshonara Choudhry, 21, was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing former minister Stephen Timms.

    This makes me seethe with anger, why do we allow these 'people' to get away with it. Don't the powers that be realise that their inaction infuriates millions of indigenous Brits? The sentence Choudhry received may and it's a big may have sent a strong message, though it was not long enough for me by a long shot but the message to those gobshites was you can break our laws with impunity.
  2. Ever been to court? That's tame compared to the kind of abuse and actual physical violence the everyday untermensch dish out.
  3. The intention of these 'nutters' is to convert the whole world to Islam?

    at any cost...................

    what 'we' think does not matter as we are infidels

    so, looks like we are fcuked then.

    great thing this multiculturalism eh?
  4. Indeed I have, my Trades Union provided a top barrister, one had had worked on the Matrix Churchill affair, I was found not guilty. :)

    If it's a daily occurrence then the law is a bigger ass than I originally thought.

  5. I had the joy (sic) of working with some of our Muslim brethren a few years ago. In between trying to sign me up for the 7 pillars of wisdom etc and ignoring my happy greetings of salaam alli kum every morning (or how ever!), which was knocked back believe it or not, because I was a non believer!!

    This from the little twats that, when (often) caught pissing up in a hostelry 'near Kyle of Lochalsh' asked that we kept schtuum.

    Lost for words now.
  6. You mean some of them work!! 8O 8O
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The actions of the few do not reflect the intention of many... :roll:

    Abusive comments from the fanatics who attended the Court are not typical of the large majority of followers of the Islamic faith; their actions were contemptuous in a Court of Law (regardless of their religion). However the ulterior motive of the media in reporting the incident was - once again - to antagonise those who seem to think that all Muslims are anti-Western, violent thugs, when the opposite is more often the case.

    Judging by some of the comments I have read on this and other fora about the story, it seems that the media have achieved their aim... :oops:
  8. If that were the case and I for one don't believe that it is, where was the condemnation of the scum from the Muslim leaders?
  9. Fink, I worked - they watched!

    You are obviously familiar with the Arab work philosophy!
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fink: As MLP has already stated, this sort of behaviour - although disgusting and disrespectful - is not uncommon in Courts these days; often, friends and relatives of criminals will use the public gallery to hurl abuse at the Judge and/or Jury in an attempt to intimidate them. The act itself should be condemned, not the religion of the perpetrators.
  11. And ours is to convert the whole world to our perception of democracy. Also at any cost.

    Yes, I've noted that also.

    Of course we British are also renowned for our incredible work ethic and general pleasantness. That's why these horrid foreigners end up doing all the bottom tier work that our ever expanding underclass won't.

  12. Not ours MLP but our weak incompetent leaders.
  13. Agreed, but whilst we're in the habit of tarring all with the same brush........
  14. It is a shame that the media does not report the 'horror and condemnation' expressed by the Muslim Council for Britain (et al) on these actions in a British court and the comments made by that other nutter released from prison the other day. why is that?
  15. Doesn't start up outrage buses or sell papers. Sensible thing 8O would be to give it a damn good ignoring and deprive them of free publicity (like the Scum or Wail would let that happen :roll: )
  16. People are entitled to practise any religion they want in a free society,they are not entitled to break the law or force their religion on others who do not wish it.
    Also they cannot threaten death to those who are not of their religion.Happily I know many Muslim people who hate this type of radicalised fanatics and they are in the majority by a large factor,thankfully.
    They also are amazed and very annoyed that we keep harbouring people like Hamza in our shores.
    The fanatics see us as weak when we tolerate evil preachers,this came from the moderate Muslim people I know,so why do we do it?
    A government should be allowed to chop out any cancer in it's midst to protect the people.
    Unfortunately our Governments Ministers have the balls of a gnat.
  17. Because as much as it grates, irritates (and genuinely riles me up) everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether we agree with it or not. You can't censor opinion, only counter the argument with a bit of intelligence.

    However, in the case of that blatant BNP chodder who was using this forum to try and spread the mong message of the cloven hoofed halfwits a while ago, that should not be tolerated.

    There are two things that really hack me off. One is the British blaming foreign nationals for everything you can possibly think of, despite the majority of those who do being the architects of their own shit life.

    The other is the RAF.
  18. You read into it what you will but there is no undertone on my part. I see this event as an abuse of our laws by Muslim radicals who have been allowed to get away with it.
  19. The point that has now been made several times is that the law has been broken but the fact that they are muslim radicals is irrelevant. As many have said this kind of behaviour is not uncommon in court regardless of colour or creed.

    Your use of the phrase "our laws" is interesting, it can be taken 2 ways:

    1) Made from an exclusive stand point, i.e. laws belonging toand working for only to the indigenous English

    2) Laws which 'they' (however you define 'they', in your case "muslim radicals") don't accept or see 'themselves' as being subject to.

    From reading you on RR over time I would assume the latter reflects your frustration which has led to this thread.

    The bottom line is that even if 2) is held to be true, it makes no odds to 'their' position; they are subject to the law. The fact that the judge chose not to deal with it, while frustrating, is not unusal. It happens everyday with the behaviour carried out by people from a wide variety of backgrounds with one thing in common - they don't respect the law.

    So given all that, do you still believe that linking their unacceptable actions to the fact they are "radical muslims" has any bearing?
  20. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Any judge with balls would send rabble rousers below to cells for contempt of court.

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