If you had 1 nuclear bomb....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by drewfester, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. If you had just one nuclear bomb, who, or where wouldyou drop it and why????

    Personnally I would drop one on the French because they are a bunch of slimy back stabbing bar stewards :twisted:
  2. What he said!
  3. Surely you mean the Westminster Village occupants ?

  4. It would have to be Glasgow. Nothing against the Scots, I just want to annihilate everyone at JPAC.
  5. I'd sell it to the Iranians and bugger off with my profits to Gambia, to shag AIDS ridden whores
  6. Mecca, just for shits and giggles you understand :p
  7. Pompey - the locals are too inbred to be affected adversely by radiation, and the city centre could use remodelling. Ah the land of my birth....
  8. Paki's (Fact!)
  9. Rather than a nuclear bomb, a 50 megaton Pork pie on South Shields
  10. I would personally like to drop one over govan.
  11. Hollywood (during the Oscars) :twisted:
  12. Washington DC. Perhaps then the whole world can crack on without being interferred with at every turn. World Police my arse :roll:
  13. Only one its too difficult to narrow down.
    At this moment the world is full of cnuts and one simply isnt enough.
    As a starter though the H of P wouldnt be a bad decision.
  14. "Kraft" headquarters in the states, then we could have Cadburys back under British control :evil:
  15. Wait till the cheque clears first .......!

  16. Damn, shit, blast, bugger and poo -I was going to say that! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Me too. I fucking hate Bingo
  18. Good thinking, pardon my knee jerk reaction :oops:
  19. Yorkshire, but the wind has to be pointing south so the real people don't get the fall out.
  20. If i had one bomb, well i will have to pay Mr Brown and co bomb tax, then im pretty sure i will need a licence, then permission to bomb what ever area i choose, then i will have to pay compensation, then i will have to pay radiation tax, then radiation suits THEN cause i bombed where ever i will have to take charge of the clean up operation.
    So guys its not really worth it, its too expensive and too much paper work.

    But if i did'nt have to go through all those hoops i will bomb my home town of Runcorn, why?, too many plastic scousers.

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